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How To Make Loose Leaf Tea

You’ll only need tea leaves, hot water, and a container to pour your tea into. If you’re a novice to tea made from loose-leaf or want an instant refresher, read our tutorial on how to make loose-leaf tea.

How do you prepare loose-leaf tea?

You’ll need the following:

  • You can use any loose-leaf tea that you like, from purple to pu-erh and everything in between.
  • Cup or mug There’s a need for an item to brew your tea. This could be your favorite mug or teapot.
  • Filter or tea infuser Making tea using the form of a filter or tea infuser is the simplest method of making tea. If you don’t own one, check out our article below on preparing tea with no infuser.
  • The kettle can be electric or on the stovetop; it is recommended to utilize a teapot to warm the water. You can heat the water using a stove if you don’t own an electric tea kettle.
  • The Perfect Cup Tea Scoop (optional) Although not essential, the perfect spoon for your cup is a fantastic method to take measurements of tea leaves.

How do you make loose-leaf tea?


To begin, you’ll require tea. The mix is entirely dependent on your preference. Whatever blend you pick, it’s essential to choose the best quality. You can purchase “loose-leaf tea” from many supermarkets. However, often it’s nothing more than dust. It’ll pass through the filter, making the tea taste sour and flat. They’re twiggy, spindly, and constructed from whole leaves and the foundation to make a great coffee. It’s the distinction between instant granules as well as freshly ground coffee.


Measure the loose-leaf tea as well as water. Begin with 5g of tea (2 teaspoons) per 400ml boiling water to make a fantastic cup. You can then customize it to your liking. The loose leaf provides you with the most flexibility. You can experiment with the number of leaves to find your ideal strength.


The ideal temperature is determined by the tea leaf you use in the blend. The black teas require 100-degree water to make tea. If they’re too cold, they’ll turn flat. Green teas are best served in water temperatures of 85 degrees. If they’re too hot, they’ll be bitter. You just put in a quarter of cold water for our pot, then top by boiling.


Relax and unwind. It’s about 3 to 5 mins for teas with black and 3-4 hours for teas made green. The most effective method to brew loose tea is to allow it to do what it does. There is no stirring, shuffling, or squishing, just a few moments to yourself.

Many other things can be accomplished if you do not have tea cards. Get through that chapter, toast on your bread, or devise an elaborate handshake. The possibilities are limitless.


We take all our tea to lose in black to taste all its flavors. If you’ve had the experience of drinking tea bags from the supermarket, you might think this is absurd. However, dusty bags can create an alcoholic drink with bitter tannin, so you’ll often require milk to soften the tea. If you make your brew using whole leaves that have been rolled up, the cup is clear and full of rich flavors: milk or none.

We recommend trying it in black at first and then taking it as your own. Include sugar and milk If you’re looking for a sweeter version.


To clean up your kitchen, a sieve from the kitchen works great. You must swirl the pot with water and pour it over the sieve. Done.

You have it. Loose Leaf Tea. It’s easy to drink. There’s no mess. Simply delicious tea in just a few minutes. Ensure you have rolled the whole leaf, check the ratios, and have the correct temperatures for your leaf. Let it rest in a teapot that has lots of space. Voila. The loose-leaf tea can make your cup of tea the highlight of your day.

How do I prepare loose-leaf tea without an infuser?

If you don’t own an infuser for your tea, Don’t fret! It’s pretty simple to make tea with no infuser when necessary. Make your tea according to the steps above, putting the tea leaves directly in the cup or pot instead of in an infuser. Once the tea is made in the steeping process, you can filter your tea with a tiny mesh strainer. You could use a coffee filter or colander if you don’t own a strainer. Be aware that drinking tea with a lot of leaves from tea is acceptable for you. You occasionally swallow a leaf or two in a row, as the beverage will increase in strength and bitterness when consumed.

Loose Leaf Tea Brewing Instructions

  • Pour the correct tea leaves into the infuser while waiting for the water
  • To be at a rolling boil. Infuse the tea infuser in the teapot or cup. TIP, double how much tea you drink for making iced tea.
  • Once the water reaches the desired temperature, pour it over the infuser and into your teapot or mug. This allows the tea to move around the leaves.
  • Make sure to time your tea. After the time is up, you can dunk the infuser in the water several times to move the tea. Then, remove the infuser and put it aside for another steeping.
  • Drink it in the mug of your choice or pour it over ice to enjoy a refreshing drinking iced tea.


To make our loose black tea as well as loose herbal infusions. Bring freshly drawn or freshly filtered water to the point of boiling (212 degree Celsius).).
In the vessel you choose, put the tea directly into the pot or within one of the teapots (some include infusers). Generally, we suggest one teaspoon of tea for every 8 ounces.
Pour the water right off the boiling (or close to the boiling point) directly onto the tea leaves. This is also called bringing water to tea. Because black tea and herbals are best suited to an intense, delicious experience, pouring the tea directly on the leaves can lead to an intense extraction.
Let the leaves steep for 5 minutes.
Within 5 mins, you can remove and eliminate the tea by removing the infuser or pouring the tea and water through the strainer.


For delicate teas, such as white and green teas, and most Oolongs, we suggest bringing fresh filtered or drawn water to 190 °. If you don’t have a thermometer, this is achieved by letting the boiling water cool for around two minutes.
It is best to ensure the tea is brought to the water temperature for whites, greens, and oolongs. This means that you add the hot water to the vessel for brewing and add the tea in loose form to the water. This technique allows for a more delicate taste without removing bitter flavors from the tea leaves.
Let the leaves infuse for 3 minutes.
In 3 minutes, remove and dispose of the tea by removing the infuser or pouring the tea leaves and water through the strainer.

Loose Leaf Oolong Tea

If you are making the tea in a pot, Follow the same steps as above, and use approximately one teaspoon of tea and 8 ounces of water for each cup. If you have a large teapot, it is possible to add a teaspoon to make sure you have a sturdy cup, following the old saying, “One pours into the cup and another to the teapot.”


At Smith Teamaker, we are firm believers in making tea a unique experience. The guidelines and instructions above are just suggestions. You may prefer a shorter steeping time (Steve prefers his No. 47 Bungalow steeped for 3 minutes rather than the recommended 5 minutes). The appeal is the ability to manage the experience and remove the leaf from the water at any time to create something you love. Enjoy yourself, and keep trying and making adjustments until you eventually become your tea master.

How To Brew Iced Tea

If you are brewing tea with ice, use an iced tea pitcher specially designed for this purpose or follow the directions above to make hot tea; however, increase how much loose-leaf tea you choose. The doubled amount you use per cup lets you use ice without compromising the taste.

Loose Leaf Tea Recommendations

Need help choosing which loose-leaf tea you should try? There are a variety of teas and flavor combinations to select from. If you need assistance in deciding, look up the top-rated customer favorites.

You can also take our tea quiz, where we will guide you step-by-step to figure out the proper tea.

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