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how to make mac dark mode

The dark mode is a feature available on macOS since the operating system’s early days. It lets you tweak how your computer looks and works by making parts of the screen darker. Today, we’ll show you how to make your Mac dark mode using a few simple steps.

What is Mac Dark Mode?

Mac dark mode is a feature that allows users to make their computer screens dark. This can be useful if you are working in a low-light environment or have a light monitor and want to make the screen dark. There are several ways that you can enable mac dark mode.

Enable Dark Mode in macOS

macOS has a dark mode that can be enabled in System Preferences. To enable dark mode, open System Preferences and select the Display tab. Under the Display section, select Dark Mode. To make the dark mode more immersive, turn on Night Light.

Use a Dark Theme

 If you’re looking to make your Mac look a little more like the dark side of the moon, you can do so by using a dark theme. There are many different dark themes available for macOS, and it’s easy to find the one that works best for you.

To get started, open System Preferences and click on the Keyboard icon. In the Keyboard preferences window, click on the Theme tab. Click on the dropdown menu next to Dark Mode and select the desired theme. You can also specify which apps use the dark theme by selecting the apps that you want to change in the App Store section of System Preferences.

Once you’ve selected your desired theme and app settings, it’s time to apply it to your Mac. To do this, open Finder and click on the File menu. Select New Folder and name it something like “Themes.” Inside of Themes, drag and drop your chosen dark theme file (.atx) into the folder. When you’re finished, double-click on the .atx file to apply the theme to your Mac.

Change the Background Image

To make your Mac look like Windows, you can change the background image using Terminal. Open Terminal by pressing Command+T on a Mac or by searching for “terminal” in your app store. Type in the following command, and press return:

Defaults write com. apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles -boolean true

This will turn on the “Show all files” option in Finder. Next, find the file “background.png” and change its location to the directory that you want it to appear. For example, if you want it to appear in the Pictures folder, type in:

sudo mv background.png /Pictures/

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use a few keyboard shortcuts to make Mac dark mode more convenient.

⌘+D to make the desktop light up and turn off the cursor

 ⌘+F5 to toggle between light and dark modes

 ⌘+Q to close all open applications

Changing the Background Color of Your Mac’s

dark mode is a great way to make your Mac look more modern and sleek. Here are four easy steps to get started:

1. Open System Preferences by clicking the Apple logo in the menu bar, then clicking System Preferences. 

 2. Click the Desktop & Screen Saver icon in the left panel, then click the Change Background tab. 

 3. Under Background, select a color for your desktop background. (You can use either a standard color or one of several dark theme options.) 

 4. Click OK to apply the changes and close System Preferences.

Use a Theme to Make Your Mac Look Different

If you’re looking for a way to make your Mac look different, you can try using a theme. There are many available online, some are free, and others cost money. be sure to find one that looks good on your computer and fits your style. Here are five tips for choosing a theme:

1. Look at the design of the theme before downloading it. Some themes have a specific look and may not work with other aspects of your Mac’s appearance.

2. Check out the ratings and reviews of the theme before downloading it. If there are negative reviews, that’s OK—you can still choose to download it but be prepared for potential problems.

3. Consider how compatible the theme is with your Mac’s operating system and other software. Will it work with all of your apps? Will it conflict with any other programs or settings?

4. Compare prices and features between different themes before downloading one. Some themes have more features than others but may also cost more. It’s worth spending a little extra to get a good theme that looks good and functions well on your Mac.

5. Install the theme after downloading it if you’re

How to Enable Mac Dark Mode

Like most people, you probably use your Mac computer for work, entertainment, and everyday tasks. But what if you want to change up your workflow and use your Mac for more of what it was made for? This article will show you how to enable Mac dark mode.

Benefits of Mac Dark Mode

Mac users have long been able to customize their screens with dark mode, but the feature has recently become more widely available. Here are some of the benefits of using dark mode on your Mac:

1. Dark Mode Can Help Prevent Eye Fatigue.

It can be tough to keep your eyes open when working on a computer all day. Dark mode can help reduce the amount of time you need to keep focus by reducing the brightness of your screen.

2. Dark Mode Can Help You Concentrate.

If you’re having trouble concentrating because your screen is too bright, switching to dark mode can help you focus better. The darker environment will make it harder for distractions to take your attention away from your work.

3. Dark Mode Can Help You Save Energy on Your Computer.

If you’re using your computer all day, turning off the lights in your office can save you a lot of energy in the long run. By reducing the amount of light coming into your office, you’ll also reduce the energy needed to keep everything running correctly.

Disadvantages of Mac Dark Mode

There are several disadvantages of using macOS dark mode:

  1. Seeing the screen in low-light conditions can be challenging.
  2. It can make it harder to use your computer in a public setting because people can’t see what you’re working on.
  3. It can be distracting when you’re trying to work on a document or task, and the Background is black instead of white.
  4. Getting used to the new interface can take some time, especially if you’re used to working on a computer with a light background.

Change the Font Color

In macOS Sierra, a new dark mode can be enabled in System Preferences. To enable it, click the “General” button and then the “Display” tab. Under “Appearance,” select the “Dark Mode” checkbox. You’ll need to use an app like System Preferences Pro to change the font color to match the new dark mode.

Turn on Night Mode

If you want to turn on the night mode for your Mac, follow these steps:

1. In the Finder, open the “Application Switcher” (Command + Shift + 3).

2. Click on the “Desktop” app in the list on the left, and then click on “Details” in the sidebar.

3. Under the “General” tab, check the “Enable Night Mode” box.

4. Close the “Desktop” app.

5. Open your home folder ( ~/ ) in the Finder. In this folder, create a new folder called “.dark-mode.”

6. Change the file extension of this newly created folder to “.dark-mode,” and then press enter.

7. Drag all your desktop folders into this newly created “.dark-mode” folder.

8. Close the “.dark-mode” folder.

9. Restart your Mac.

Disable Brightness Automatically

Mac users can disable brightness automatically in System Preferences. To do this, open System Preferences and click on the “Display” icon. In the Display settings window, select the “Brightness” tab. Under the “Brightness” heading, select the “Auto-brightness” checkbox and choose a comfortable brightness level.

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