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How To Make Oak Kitchen Cabinets Look Modern

A lot of humans pay interest o. Cabinets and proper away assume your decrease lower back to their mother and father or grandparents’ antique and former kitchens. Honey-colored, arched door patterns and a conventional format that doesn’t mesh with nowadays’s modern kitchens.
But the preconceived notions don’t need to be authentic. Oak cabinets have lots greater to offer than that! In truth, if designed successfully, all the right cabinets can look contemporary and up-to-date.
At Deslaurier, we’re specialists in all topics of custom cabinetry. Be it traditional or current-day; we comprehend okay shelves can provide the power to fit into any kitchen format.
With that, be a part of us as Deslaurier Design Consultant Vanessa Horwat lends her information and gives several techniques for the manner you could make okay cabinets appear modern.

What is Modern Kitchen Design?

Technically speaking, the current kitchen layout sits somewhere between transitional and cutting-edge. Modern design becomes, to begin with, characterized by the usage of flat surfaces, geometric paperwork, and little to no ornamentation.
Now, modern-day kitchen layout has turned out to be part of a bigger fashion emphasizing easy lines, open regions, and minimalistic format factors, providing especially beneficial located up-commercial enterprise substances.
A contemporary kitchen layout will encompass numerous of the subsequent traits:

  • Horizontal Lines
  • Frameless or Full Overlay Cabinetry
  • Monochromatic Colour Palettes
  • Minimalistic Details and Ornamentation
  • Simple Hardware
  • Industrial Accent Pieces


Oak cabinets – you adore ’em (if you’re a person) or hate ’em (if you’re a lady). And positive, I’m generalizing. However, I stumble upon the equal gender divides time and again, especially at the same time as helping customers replace houses with wood finishes. However, it’s okay cabinets which might usually be the divorce makers.

And at the same time, as many designers can’t WAIT to do away with all-right cabinets, I’m a big fan. Sure, some of them want a whole overhaul, but many o. K. Cabinets from the Eighties and 90s are strong gold. Not simplest do those workhorses stand the check of time in STYLING (humans with hidden hinges & easy door profiles), but it’s simplest after 30-forty years of wear and tear and tears that they need a few love (shape of like me, wink wink). I’ve visible cutting-edge kitchen installations that have slightly made it the past five years.

Here Are 5 Ideas On How To Make Oak Kitchen Cabinets Look Modern.

Paint Them White

You are, in all likelihood, already considering this option. It’s a smooth solution & it gives an incredible transformation. It lightens & brightens the kitchen and makes shades pop.

I actually have encouraged my clients to do that regularly with excellent achievement.

Here are a few matters to recognize for the splendid consequences.

  • Select a smooth white that’s not too stark. If you have, have been given a blue color palette, you might want a little touch bit of a gray undertone. If you have got got a warm color palette leans closer to a beige undertone. Here is a brilliant list to check out from Benjamin Moore to help guide you.
  • Be nice to whoever is doing the portray sands down the shelves first. Since very well as a heavy grain, you may need to soften the arrival, so less grain indicates via. You’ll in no manner absolutely take away the grain from displaying through, but sanding will help.
  • If there are multiple individuals doing the sanding, make sure there may be consistency with the quantity of pressure being used. I actually have seen inconsistency in obligations which have been finished with a couple of painters & some doors needed to be redone. Take precautions to avoid this.
  • Use a Satin Finish rather than a semi-gloss. Less sheen will assist in playing down the grain showing via. The Satin Finish is still a high-quality stop for cleanability.
  • It’s excellent if the doors may be sprayed in choice to brushed. The spraying gets rid of brush strokes. The doors want to be eliminated regardless to do an expert venture, so take this greater step & discover a top-notch, dirt-free place to spray them.
  • Two coats need to be sufficient, but a third coat might be vital.

Use a Contrast Color

Contrast color can upload a pop & provide your very well kitchen shelves with a clean new current appearance. It can be as smooth as black for a dramatic appearance or an amusing, playful shade like this Caribbean Teal. For both alternatives, have a look at my hints shown in step 1.)

Whether that may be a short-term answer till you can have sufficient money to renovate your kitchen or it’s your extended-time period, planning it’s an incredible way to characterize your personality for making your alright shelves look present-day.

Use your creativity!

Some colorations that I, in truth, have used efficiently are:

  • Prussian Blue
  • Boston Brick
  • Denim Wash
  • Juniper Green

Replace the Island

Paired with a number of opportunity options, changing the kitchen island can take you to the following degree of the manner to make o.K.Kitchen shelves appearance modern even if you choose not to color ALL of the shelves.

It Doesn’t Have To Be A Huge Expense.
A smooth, smooth cupboard fashion can appear awesome whilst paired with a sturdy waterfall ground top. It’s also an opportunity to create a larger paintings floor & more seating.

This is a notable possibility to do an evaluation of color…refer to the decrease returned to the colors I cautioned in 2.)

Change the Doors

If the door style of your current-day all-right kitchen shelves isn’t always modern in style & your goal is to have a nice glossy look, keep in mind changing out the doorways. A flat slab fashion door is the most fairly reasonably priced & sleekest style of door.

I advise searching for them prepainted like this. You would likely want to update the hinges at the same time with a gentle, close-to-fashion hinge.

What Lighting Does For A Kitchen

Don’t neglect approximately about your lights! Your moderate fixtures flow in a prolonged manner, influencing the overall tone of your kitchen.

At the lake cottage, I couldn’t withstand along with a mild rattan fixture after admiring them at lunch, even as in Chicago. Its large length fills the void above the kitchen window and gives the previously dated kitchen a more cutting-edge day and waterside aesthetic.

The rattan, moreover, offers a cute, heat texture. In different rooms, it’s clean to apply rugs, pillows, and textiles to bring in shade and texture. In a kitchen, the possibilities can be a piece greater constrained, so I loved being able to introduce every other layer of texture thru the lights.

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