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How To Make Spicy Mayo

If you’ve tried this spicy Mayo, you will never return to the classic mayonnaise. The creamy, spicy mayonnaise can enhance the taste of mayonnaise that is traditional and elevate your food up a notch!

It’s among the most frequently used sauces at home, and with good reasons. It’s easy to make and can be stored in refrigerators for a long time.

What should you serve Spicy Mayo To?

The spicy Mayo is excellent for hamburgers and can be served alongside any Asian recipe to drizzle (think the fried rice and noodles) and serve as a dipping sauce for fries, nuggets, or everything else!

To make Spicy Mayo, you Will Need the following:

Only the most fundamental ingredients are in your refrigerator to make spicy Mayo. This recipe is very flexible and can be modified depending on your preferences.

Mayonnaise: Since mayonnaise is the main ingredient in this recipe, and we ensure we use the finest mayonnaise available. My favourite mayonnaise is Duke’s (not associated with Duke’s!) However, any brand of mayonnaise will perform just fine!

Hot sauce or Sriracha: You’ll need an extremely spicy sauce to give some spice to your mayonnaise. Hot sauce (any kind), Sriracha, an adobo (from chipotles found in the bottle), garlic chilli sauce, or any other spicy sauce is a good choice!

Lime juice: this ingredient can be used in place of lime juice. However, it provides a zingy flavour to the food. You can substitute it with vinegar or lemon juice.

Cajun seasoning or cajun spice is a mix that works effectively in spicing up this recipe. Replacing them with taco seasoning, chilli powder, or your preferred spice blend is possible.

The BEST spicy mayo recipe

I am a sucker for recipes that check specific boxes, like easy, fast, simple, and requiring only a few ingredients. The Spicy Mayo recipe is all of these things, plus more! The formula is based on three items in your pantry: mayonnaise, Sriracha and sesame oil. This condiment can be prepared in a short time to make.

I used Sriracha instead of the regular hot sauce in my recipe for spicy mayonnaise because it provides sweetness, heat, and tang. Also, I love the flavour of the pureed, ripened chilis in this Sriracha sauce. It’s not just spice but also a flavour of pepper. It’s delicious!

The Sriracha mayo recipe can remain for quite some time. It can be used in numerous ways. Consider using it as a drizzle over tacos, hot dogs, hamburgers sandwich, or a dip for fries. I also like using this hot Mayo to make sushi or bowls. It is just as delicious as what you would get at a restaurant!

Methods of using spicy Mayo

There are many methods to make use of spicy Mayo:

Sushi. It is excellent for drizzles on sushi rolls.

Fried rice. You can make fried rice more delicious by adding a tablespoon.

Poke bowls. This Hawaiian bowl is delicious and comes with spicy Mayo!

Burgers. Spread spicy mayonnaise on the bun of a hamburger.

Fries. Dip it into oven-baked fries.

Tacos. Please make it a part of your favourite tacos recipe.

Sandwiches. Spread it onto bread so that your sandwich is to the next level.

Fish. Use a drizzle on seared Ahi Tuna or Ahi Poke as a dipping sauce for baked fish.

Strategies for Success

Change up the spice! Instead of Sriracha, try including buffalo sauce or any other hot sauce you like.

Do you prefer it more spicy? Try adding additional Sriracha!

Are you less spiced? Cut down on the amount of Sriracha added to this spicy mayonnaise recipe. Also, add more mayonnaise if necessary.

Create your mayonnaise! It’s simpler than you think, and it’s healthier!

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