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How To Make Stonecutter

It’s the perfect workspace for players constructing simple stone structures and buildings. Every recipe can be made with a stonecutter is only one ingredient, which reduces the number of materials wasted. Obtaining a stonecutter is simple. One can stroll into a village with a mason and then remove the Stonecutter from their homes. But, if masons are in short supply worldwide, learning how to build the Stonecutter in Minecraft could be helpful.


Stonecutters may produce inside stone masonry homes in villages. They can also reproduce in the ruins of trails [upcoming version: 1.20 in JE 1.20[upcoming: JE 1.20].


Stonecutters can be mined using any pickaxe. If it is mined without a pickaxe, it leaves nothing.


A user interface to the Stonecutter with Java Edition, cutting a stone into two stones.

The Stonecutter can serve instead of the Table to create most stones. Each recipe requires one ingredient to create one final product (in different amounts). It can skip steps for making specific blocks. For example, stones can be made directly into chiseled Stones. However, it requires multiple steps in Crafting. The recipes for stairs are more effective than their crafting counterparts. On the Table of Crafting, six stone blocks can be fashioned into four stairs, whereas the Stonecutter creates one stairway per stone block.

Why Use a Stonecutter?

You might be asking yourself why you would bother with making a Stonecutter in the first place if there aren’t distinctive blocks you can make using it. The answer lies in the form of materials. For instance, the standard crafting table will require 6 Cobblestones to make four Cobblestone Stairs. But, if you utilize the Stonecutter, it is 1-1. That means you can make 64 Cobblestone Stairs with a complete pile of Cobblestone compared to the 40 you can receive from the Crafting Table.

Therefore, if you own a Stonecutter and have it, you should use it to create most of your building materials because you’ll be able to buy more items for less. The Stonecutter is compatible with all stones related to Stone, Copper, and other metals, so use it when you can to save your materials. It may be beneficial to make one before building your house entirely (assuming you’re using Stone building materials) to get a better start in your new life, mainly because the cost of making the Stonecutter is minimal.

Make a Stonecutter in Minecraft (2022)

Before making a stonecutter using Minecraft, gathering the necessary items for the recipe is necessary. However, if you already have the necessary ingredients, follow these tables to move to the recipe for Crafting.

How to Find a Stonecutter in Minecraft

You’ll get a stonecutter to work in Minecraft villages if you are lucky. They’re a job block responsible for the stone mason’s role and all Minecraft village jobs. You will find an artisan stone cutter if a village has a stonemason. Our top Minecraft village seeds will assist you in finding the village within a short time.

Apart from villages, there’s only one location where stonecutters naturally appear during the game. Therefore, instead of searching for it, you must create one by hand.

Ingredients Required to Make a Stonecutter

To create a stonecutter in Minecraft, You will require the following materials:

  • An iron ingot
  • Three stone blocks

Note it is in the Bedrock edition. You can also make use of different stones to create the stone cutter.

How to Get Iron

Iron is among the most versatile minerals used in games. There is only one iron ingot to create the Stonecutter, so follow these steps to make the iron ingot.

  1. Follow the Minecraft Ore Distribution Guide to locate iron ore within Minecraft caves. Next, could you make use of a stone pickaxe to mine it?
  2. When you have your ore, you must build or find furnaces to melt the iron. It is possible to use any item that is flammable as fuel. To get faster outcomes, you can create a blast furnace using Minecraft. Each iron ore block melts to create an iron ingot. And there’s—an iron ingot.

The Difference Between the Java Edition and Bedrock Edition Stonecutter Crafting Recipes

In the Java Edition of the game, you’ll need three Blocks of standard Stone to create the Stonecutter (in conjunction with one iron ingot). It is impossible to use Cobblestones and other materials for crafting recipes.

You can use any stone block in Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. This means you can switch out the standard Stone blocks to Granite, Andesite, Cobblestone, and many other kinds of stone blocks. Additionally, you can also make use of the various types of stones simultaneously. For instance, you can create the Stonecutter within Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition of Minecraft with 1 Cobblestone as well as 1 Andesite, 1 Granite as well as one Iron Ingot.

Using a Stonecutter as a Job Site Block for Villagers

Similar to other blocks for job sites, like a Fletching Table, a Stonecutter could turn a Villager who is unemployed into a professional. To do so, place a Stonecutter near an unemployed Villager. If the Villager who is unemployed engages in conversation with Stonecutter, then they’ll be the Stone Mason Villager. When they are hired to the new position, you can trade with the Stone Mason Villager to purchase stone-related products.

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