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How To Ping Apple Watch

You can ping your Apple watch in methods, either thru the Find My function or by the usage of iCloud.

I am a forgetful character and have a tendency to lose my Watch among the cushions on the couch or in a drawer somewhere. Luckily, the Apple Watch ping feature allows me to discover my watch results easily.

If you are continually losing your Watch like me, this text will show you a way to ping your Apple Watch.

How to ping your iPhone from your Apple Watch

Swipe up on your Apple Watch’s domestic display screen to open the control middle.

Look for the ping iPhone button. It’s an icon of an iPhone with curved traces on both facets.

Press and keep the ping iPhone button to ring your iPhone’s alarm and trigger your iPhone’s flashlight. If you simply press the button without keeping it, it’ll ping your iPhone without the flashlight. Continue till you have determined your iPhone.

How to find your Apple Watch by pinging it from iPhone

If your Apple Watch is close to your place, then by using pinging it from your iPhone, you can effortlessly retrieve your Watch by using listening to a noisy sound emitting from the device; right here are the stairs:

  • On your iPhone, release the Find My app first.
  • After that, navigate to the Devices tab.
  • Now, a list of devices can be proven; right here, you need the faucet for your Apple Watch.
  • Next, just tap on the Play Sound option.
  • Immediately, your Apple Watch will play a noisy sound that has to assist you in locating its location if it’s nearby.
  • Finally, after locating your Apple Watch, tap on Dismiss choice to forestall pinging your Apple Watch.

Play Pinging Sound On Watch From iPhone

Here are the stairs that you could comply with to locate Apple Watch with iPhone. With those steps, you could use your iPhone to make your Apple Watch ring. This will help you find your lost Apple Watch.

For this, to paint, your Apple Watch needs to be linked to the Internet through WiFi. Once you’ve got made positive of that, continue with the steps under.

On your iPhone, launch the ‘Find My ‘app and signal into your iCloud account.

Now from the listing of your Apple gadgets faucet on the Apple Watch, you need to play Sound on.

The Watch needs to seem on a map along with different Apple devices owned by you. Tap on the Watch icon.
Finally, from the menu faucet at the ‘Play Sound’ button.

This must begin playing a pinging sound on your Apple Watch, which would help you in finding where it is once you locate the tool, absolutely faucet on the ‘Dismiss’ button so you can make the pinging sound prevent.

How to Enable Find My iPhone

Primarily you have to permit Find My iPhone to ping Apple Watch the usage of iPhone. The following steps display the best way to do it. Find my iPhone is already enabled in your iPhone, then pass those steps and follow the next: Play Sound from iPhone to Apple Watch.

  • Go to the “Settings” app.
  • Tap for your name.
  • Select “iCloud.”
  • Swipe down and tap “Find My iPhone.”

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