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How To Post Multiple Photos on Instagram

One of the greatest features Instagram has created (so far) is developing a series that can be combined into one post. It’s long gone are the days of just posting one picture on your feed. (How do you choose which one to post?) Instead, there’s almost all the time more than just one possibility. Multiple images are the best way to tell the story from beginning to end and increase the number of posts you make (which you can now conceal).

If you are a fan of the multiple images feature as much as I do, you might be surprised to discover a “Select multiple” button not appearing in your blog posts and your stories. Don’t fret! It turns out that this could be an iPhone technical issue at the time. While the case is being addressed, it’s essential to remember that there’s still a method to accomplish this without the push button. Here’s how:

How do you add multiple images into one Instagram Story

The use of a carousel within your Instagram feed can open up many possibilities for creating a different style of storytelling. However, adding multiple images to your Stories can take your creativity to a new level.

It’s a breeze to master the art of adding videos or photos on a current Instagram Story:

Start your Instagram app
Press long on your existing Story
Tap”Add to Your Story
Select additional media to include
Select Send To after you’re done

Selecting several photos

To select more than one image to upload to your post, you can do these things:
Then, click on the plus icon on the Instagram feed’s main screen.
Tap Library in the lower-left corner of the screen. The most recent image on Your camera Roll (or Gallery) is displayed in the view.
Click on the thumbnails before tapping the first image you want to include.
Select on the Select Multiple icons. The selected thumbnail will appear dim and is accompanied by an orange number 1.

Click another thumbnail. The photo will appear in the viewer. A number 2 appears beside the thumbnail. This number indicates the sequence in which your readers will see the images on your post.

Continue to tap thumbnails as needed. Here three photos are selected. The numbers represent what order images were selected.

Once you’ve completed selecting photographs, tap Next. The Edit screen will appear.
Edit the photos by pressing Next on the top-right side of your screen.

How do I share multiple pictures within one Instagram post

Sometimes rather than adding multi-ply images to Stories, you would like to build a carousel on the feed. What can you do to achieve this? The truth is it’s a lot easier to achieve:

Launch Instagram

  • Click to the + (+) icon to create an entirely new post.
  • Select the icon for multiple photos at the top
  • Choose the photos you would like to use in the proper order
  • Tap Next
  • If needed, add filters. Select Next.
  • Include a caption or additional information you wish to add
  • Select Share

This method works with the Instagram official Instagram iPhone application But what happens if you wish to share your photos on Mac instead? This time Grids, Grids, the Instagram Mac app, Grids, will help you.

Utilizing Highly Social online service

Highly Social can be described as a well-known scheduling tool for social media. It has received a lot of attention due to its publishing several photos on Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others. Its primary purpose is to plan posts for social media campaigns. Users can pick an option that meets their requirements from the various plans, but there’s a no-cost option that allows you to test the software. This is the procedure for posting many images on Instagram by using this method:

You must first connect your Instagram account to your Instagram account.
Log in to the Greatly Social online service account. Then, follow the next step of linking your account.
Click Add Account in your Instagram Account section. Then you will get an additional window that will provide instructions.
Input your access credentials like you usually use in Instagram. Enter your credentials as you would usually on the Instagram app, and then click the next. You will need to create an encryption code inside the application. If you do not have a security code during the pairing process, it is possible to request one, and you’ll be sent it in a short time via email.
After receiving the security code, you need to enter it into”security” in the “security field” Then click Add account.
You will have your Instagram account linked to the application when the verification process succeeds.

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