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How To Remove A Security Tag

You purchase a few new aspects and produce them domestically only to apprehend the cashier forgot to dispose of the protection tag. Ugh! Fortunately, you could get a protection tag off at home without taking a revel in all of the manner decrease returned to the shop. We’ve put together an entire listing of smooth techniques to securely and efficiently take away exquisite kinds of tags, whether or not you have been given an ink or magnetic safety tag. From rubber bands to magnets, look to discover a way to provide you with the desired results.

What Are Security Tags?

A safety tag is a small signal transmitter companies connect with their merchandise, particularly garb. If someone attempts to steal the item and passes thru the go-out without paying or doing away with the tag, the tag will sound like an alert.

Most merchandise with protection tags is devices of clothing, add-ons, and booze. The safety tag has accomplished the usage of a pin that passes through the material of the goods in the case of apparel and mild gadgets. After that, the hook is locked into the safety tag.

There are sorts of safety tags utilized by businesses- mechanical and magnetic locks. There is a tremendous shape of magnetic lock strengths to choose from. The higher the magnetic power, the more difficult it’s far to do away with the tag.

If you’re seeking to take away a safety tag for your very personal, you’ll want the proper gadget. Security tags are to be had several shapes, along with round, dice, and pencil. Studies recommend that spherical tags are the maximum challenging to remove.

Mechanical Security Tags

Mechanical tags are the very first-rate to remove. These tags use pins or special mechanical fasteners to connect them to the garments. There are diverse processes to dispose of those automated tags that we will speak approximately later in this article.

Magnetic Security Tags

Magnetic safety tags are the most complex and maximum difficult to do away with. You want the right equipment to demagnetize them. Trying to do away with them without proper expertise can permanently harm the clothes.

Ink Tags

Although this sort of tag was famous, it could be better because it emerged as quickly. They are expensive to use and, more significantly than a bit messy. It’s nearly confident you’ll reason damage to the item if you harm this tag.

That’s due to the truth. They’re full of indelible ink. It was using too much pressure to eliminate the tag reasons the vial to break. This leaves ink all over the garment.

While a few ink tags are apparent so you can see the ink, others aren’t. It is challenging to tell if you are managing a title entirely of ink. That’s what makes this tag shape so hard to take away. If you need to realize in case your tag includes ink, play it stable and expect that it does.

One wrong flow can see your garment-dyed an everlasting coloration of blue. This form of tag falls into the benefit denial magnificence. Once the vial has released its ink, you lose the gain of the garment, each for private use or worthwhile profit.

Using Rubber Bands

Place the ink cartridge of the tag face-down. The ink cartridge is the part of the tag that juts out of the plastic. It is on the opposite facet of the pin, the spherical portion of the title.

  • Pull the part of the clothing with the tag a ways from the rest of the apparel. Move it as long away as viable, so the ink would not break the attire as if the sensor cracks.
  • Slip a rubber band across the pin of the protection tag. The rubber band should be large and thick enough to be strong but thin enough to form across the plug. This will loosen the pin.
  • Hold the essential part of the ink tag with one hand.
    Remove the pin with the other hand.
  • Remove the pin with the other hand. The stress of the nails must be robust and sufficient so that the cork, in the end, pops off or pulls without trouble other than the relaxation of the tag.
    If the rubber band does not loosen sufficiently, try another time with more than one rubber band.


A screwdriver makes a high-quality leverage tool if you have the right kind. There are essential kinds. You have been given a Phillips screwdriver with a pointed give-up inside a flow. Or a flat-head screwdriver with a flat quit that looks like a wedge.

The Phillips isn’t accurate for pricing matters away from each wonderful, so ensure your screwdriver has a flat cease.

You will need the following:

  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Mechanical safety tag
  • Flat ground

This technique received artwork on a magnetic label. If there may be an ink cartridge, preserve it going through upward. Place the apparel tag facet up on a flat surface.

Push the flat end of your screwdriver below the raised phase of the tag. Push down on the take care of of the screwdriver. As you got this, the flat give-up needs to enhance. You are taking the raised phase up with it. Repeat this motion all the manner across the raised part of the tag. What you are doing is levering one problem far away from the opposite.

Once the raised phase has been eliminated, you were given a manner to peer metallic prongs conserving the pin. You are using your screwdriver, and boom, one of these hands. The hook needs to drop out, and also you need to eliminate every pinnacle and bottom of the tag.

Removing Security Tags Using Needle Nose Pliers

Removing safety tags the use of needle nose pliers
Place the apparel on the floor with the ink cartridge managed upward.

  • Draw close one facet of the square tag using challenging and fast pliers.
  • Use a contemporary-day pair of pliers to capture the tag on the opposite element.
  • Gently bend the tag down on both ends using the pliers. Be cautious not to bend it so tough because of reality. Doing so also can motivate the ink to spill.
  • Keep bending until it slams open, then stop. Please make sure you pull on the pin to loosen it.

Removing Security Tags By Hitting The Tag

  • Repeatedly yank the tag far away from the apparel to dislodge the pin.
  • Get the preserve of a huge nail. It is suggested that the top of the nail be at the least as massive as a penny for the pin to form efficaciously.
  • Step three: Remove the tag from the garment by pulling it out. Keep the tag’s lengthy plastic give up out of the manner.
  • Open the ink cartridge with stress on it. To open the ink cartridge, gently tap it on a hard floor in numerous instances. You will probably need to hit twenty or more examples to get it well. The tag can burst open if you hit it too tricky, so be cautious.


This submission on protection tags ought to have given you higher expertise in having rid of them without the need for any particular device. We want these permits! To avoid destroying a luxurious piece of garb, you could visit the shop wherein it emerges as bought and bring the receipt. Please don’t use any subsequent shoplifting techniques, as it’s illegal.

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