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How To Remove Devices From Wifi

An abusive partner might sometimes introduce new devices into the wireless network to observe and criticize their victim. For instance, cameras, microphones, smart home devices, and many other devices are easily concealed and could be used to spy on conversations.

Suppose the perpetrator (the person who attempts to harm) was previously connected to the network’s wireless. In that case, it could happen that the person has added these devices to the wireless network to remotely access and get information. This article will show you the methods to find and eliminate wireless devices that are not authorized off your grid.

Change the wifi Key

I hope you’re using the most robust encryption on your device. It could be WPA3 if it is there. In other cases, WPA2 should be an alternative. If neither of these options is available, ask your ISP to request an upgrade to your router, as your current router is outdated and should be replaced or upgraded. The type of encryption used can be determined on the page for password settings.

The good thing is that after you’ve changed your password, it will take any connected devices they’ve updated with the correct password. This effectively takes any devices that aren’t authorized from the network and is an excellent method to make sure only those you know about can connect. This should be completed as soon as you can, exceptionally since your wireless signal may be able to reach out beyond the home.

Check your system’s documentation for any wireless devices requiring reauthorization, such as smart televisions, cell phones, home surveillance systems, etc.

I suggest you look over the router’s configuration pages after each device you’ve added so that you’ll be able to recognize it when you look up later.

Restrict the Number of Connected Devices

Suppose you feel that changing your wifi router’s functions is a huge undertaking. In that case, an alternative is limiting the number of connected devices you can make to the wifi router. In this way, you don’t cause trouble to the accepted ones like your relatives or friends, only those who are not authorized.

If you do this, you must begin by accessing your router’s wifi control panel by signing into your internet browser. Following that, you must take these actions.

  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Progress to “Advanced Setup.”
  • Look for the “WLAN” “WLAN” selection, typically located in the advanced settings or numerous routers.
  • Click on “Connected Gadgets” to show all connected gadgets and their model number and MAC address.
  • Select the device you want to block by its MAC address, and then press “Block.”
  • Click “Apply” to store the new settings.
  • All devices you’ve added to the blocked list won’t be connected to the wifi network.

Use MAC Address Filtering on Your Router

Certain routers have access control features that control which devices are permitted to connect. Every wireless device has its own distinctive MAC address. Certain routers allow you to allowlist (ban) devices with specific MAC addresses. This prevents them from connecting. Certain routers will enable you to create an approved allowlist of devices and block any other gadgets from connecting later.

There are a few routers that offer this feature. If you do have the option to utilize it, it still needs to be 100% safe. Anyone with your wifi password could alter their device’s MAC address to one approved and use it on the wifi network. Even if you are still trying to do it, you’ll need to input MAC addresses each time you connect new devices manually, or the attacker will be able to connect anytime, which is a bad idea.

In all of these instances, we do not recommend MAC address filters.

However, if you would like to turn an electronic device, say your child’s phone–, and you don’t care about moving around the block, it is a great option.

You’ll need to look through the settings of your wireless router to determine if it supports this. For instance, on certain Netgear routers, this is called”the “wireless cards access lists.” For other Netgear routers, like the Nighthawk access control feature regulates internet access–blocking devices can connect to wifi, but they are restricted from internet access. Google wifi routers allow you to “pause” access to the internet for devices, but it won’t disable them from wifi.

What can I do to see the devices connected to my wireless?

There are several ways to view the devices connected to your wifi. One method is to utilize the command prompt feature on your Windows computer. Another option would be using an application such as Fing.

What gadgets are attached to the router?

You can check which devices have been connected to your router. Many routers include a list of devices connecting to their network. You can also view the kind of device, the IP address, and the MAC address.

Are there people connected to my wireless network?

There are several methods to determine who uses your wifi network without your consent. One option is to examine the activity log of your network. If you find devices you need to recognize or are connected at odd times, the chances are that somebody is connecting to your wifi without permission. Another method to determine this is to verify the strength of your wifi signal.

How to See Who’s on Your wifi

  • You can track who’s using your wifi network by using the router’s interface.
  • Log into your router.
  • Locate your DHCP configurations, “attached devices” area, or a similar section. The details vary according to the manufacturer of your router.

Check your list of connected devices, and then separate those that aren’t yours. If they aren’t immediately apparent, switch off and disconnect those you believe are yours. All other devices are connected to your network with no permission.

More Advanced Router Security

Consider network security as a race against the bear. It doesn’t matter if you’re the fastest. It would be best if you were quicker than the slowest person trying to get out. It’s impossible to make your home network inaccessible to an experienced hacker with the right equipment and knowledge to hack into your networks; however, if you apply enough security precautions, hackers can pick the low-hanging fruits first, which reduces your threat of being hacked.

Last Thoughts on How to Remove Devices from wifi Routers

Overall it is imperative to take your internet security seriously and master how to unblock devices from wifi routers.

If you fail to close a security gap in your office or home, wifi could cause severe legal problems since any illegal activity within your network may be tracked back to your router.

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