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How To Slice The Tomato

This is a simple guide on cutting tomatoes into perfect slices, wedges, or dice. Learn the best method of cutting any tomato shape to use in recipes!

Learning what to do to cut fresh tomatoes means that your salads will include beautiful half-moon tomatoes, as well as your burgers with beautiful tomato slices, and your salsas will be perfectly square tomato pieces. They are used in dishes across the globe, including the Mediterranean diet. Even in the healthful Mediterranean diet, I’m about to show you my preferred method of cutting tomatoes.
It’s a must how to cut tomatoes precisely. Besides being delicious, they’re full of vitamin A, C, and fiber. (A-C, A and a tiny amount of E! potassium, and lycopene, an antioxidant shielding cells that scientists believe might have cancer-fighting properties.
Different CUTS and uses for TOMATOES:
Slices of tomatoes: part of sandwich and stacks of burgers and in the middle of salads made from Caprese. Mmm.
Cubes of tomato: the foundation of salsas, an essential ingredient in good salsas, chopped salads, eggs, or other dishes such as frittatas and quiche
Tomato wedges: Salads, salads, salads!

How do you cut the tomato into wedges?

  • Securely hold the fruit in place, then cut it in half lengthwise.
  • Cut a “V” design in one half, trimming off the stem.
  • Cut each piece into small pieces.

How to cut tomato slices

Do you want perfect slices to serve as the perfect BLT, burger, and Caprese salad? Cutting into the core is essential here to ensure that each slice is adorned with those “spokes” from the flesh of tomatoes that holds it in place.

Set the tomatoes on their sides.

Lay the tomato sideways so that the stem’s end is facing in the opposite direction, either to the left or inwards if you’re right-handed and left-for lefties.

Cut off a small piece of tomato.

Remove a little piece of the tomato in a line parallel with the stem and to the top of the tomato to cut the top.

What is the Best Way to Dice Tomatoes

Ensure you remove any labels from produce and rinse tomatoes before beginning. (It’s typically easier to take off the labels before washing.)

Cut the Tomato

Utilize the serrated cutting knife for kitchen use or a sharp straight-edged knife
slicing. Lay the tomatoes on their side, and cut them into evenly spaced slices starting from the stem and finishing in the middle. Make sure the slices are of the same size.
For step 2, make your cuts the same size as your slices made in step 1. They’re thick. If you’d like small-sized dice, cut each slice closer to each other.

Divide the slices into Strips

Place the tomato slices close or on top of one another. Slice the tomato slices into strips that are evenly spaced.
Dice Strips are shaped into small Cubes.

Then, you can cut evenly across the strips. You’ll be able to see the pieces break out as tiny cubes. Congratulations! You’ve just cut the tomato.


How to cut a Tomato

  • Lay the tomatoes on their side, so their top (where the stem was) should face the knife.
  • Securely grip the tomato and then cut off the top of the tomato.
  • Continue to slice the tomato. Each slice should be parallel to the previous one. The size that each cut is entirely up to your discretion.

How to Cut Tomato Wedges

  • Put the tomatoes on the cutting board face-up. The bottom of the tomato should be on the board.
  • The knife should be placed on top. Slice it once, forming two pieces.
  • Place one-half of the cutting table, with the cut side facing down. Take note of where you saw the stem.
    This will result in two quarter-sized tomato wedges. If you’d like to, slice one quarter into half to make smaller wedges.

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