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How to speed up a video on iphone

Are you able to speed up a video with your iPhone? Yes, it can. You can use this Screen Recorder for iPhone application, which provides an all-inclusive solution for creating captivating videos to be used on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and others. However, you can also utilize the iMovie app if you wish to know how to improve a video’s speed using an iPhone. In this article section, we’ll go over both methods and their tutorials.

Modifying the playback speed allows you to create unique, captivating videos viewed by viewers, particularly in the case of streamers or YouTubers. Perhaps, for instance, you’re filming your friends or gatherings with family. Speed-forwarding your videos can help you focus on the crucial aspects in a shorter time. Let’s look at some of the simple methods that you can apply.

Fasten video speed on iPhone

Start iMovie and then create a new movie project. Choose the video you want to accelerate. Keep in mind that its duration will be cut down when you accelerate a video. For example, we’re using a 20-second video, which will be cut to a mere half. After selecting the video, you can tap “Create Movie”. Select the video on the timeline and edit controls on the right side. The second button at the bottom of the controls will allow you to speed up or decrease the speed of an image. Press it.

Speed control can display the slider, which can speed up the playback or cut it down. If you move it to the left, toward the tortoise’s head, the video will slow. Should you pull it to the right, it will speed up your video. If you are only looking to speed up one part in the movie, divide it up and isolate the area you want to accelerate. Select the split section (tap to select it) and then utilize the slider for speed to increase the speed.

After you’re done then, tap ‘Done’ in the upper left. To save the clip, tap the share button on the bottom and select “Save Video”. It will save a copy onto your camera roll. There you can later view it.

The speed slider lets you know through icons how the video speeds up or slows down. It will also inform you how fast or slow the video plays. The default counter is set at 1x. When you turn the slider’s knob, it will update to show you how slower or quicker the video is compared to the speed set at the beginning.

How to create videos quicker using iPhone with iMovie

iMovie is Apple’s native editing application for the video, which comes with the essential tools. It includes everything from Hollywood fashion filters and trailer templates and filters to built-in soundtracks and tools for adjustment. It comes with all the tools for editing your movie. If you’re looking for ways to speed up your videos or even parts of a video on your iPhone, It can help you do the trick.

Like the screen recorder application to speed up videos using the iPhone, iMovie can slow down and speed forward videos easily. To answer your question about how to alter the speed of your video, Here’s a quick guide.

Speeding up a normal video

You’ll need Apple’s video editing software, iMovie, to speed up a standard video. It is installed on new devices as a default; however, if you don’t already have it, you can download it on the App Store.

Open iMovie and click on “Create Project”.

Select “Movie” from the pop-up that pops up.

Choose the video you wish to speed up, and then select the speed you want to increase. After that, click “Create Movie” at the lower right of your screen.

A screen for editing will be displayed. Tap the timeline of your video to open the editing options.

The video timeline is highlighted with yellow, and editing tools will be displayed below the display. Click the speed button that looks similar to an alarm clock to access the controls for playback speed.

The first option that is part of the speed controls is a slider that can be used for speeding up and slowing down a film. iMovie can increase the speed of the video by up to 2 times the speed. In the beginning, the slider will display the number ‘1x” to the right to indicate the normal speed. The slider can be moved to the left until it reaches the speed you’d like to increase the speed to.

The video can be sped to 2x.

Press the play button to check the results and alter the playback speed before saving the file. Press ‘Done’ on the left-hand side to save the file after completing your work.

You can save the video in iMovie’s camera roll or directly upload it with another app.

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