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How To Split Screen On Android

For those who are Android owner who is multitasking, One thing you can use is splitting the screen of the screen of your Android device. Split-screen available on Android lets you use two apps at the same time. For instance, it is possible to use the split screen to maintain Messages and Discord running simultaneously on one screen.

You might need basic email or word processing and want YouTube on another screen. Whatever apps you use, understand how split screen in Android gives you a smooth experience without requiring an additional device with dual screens.

This tutorial will teach you how to use split screens in your Android.

How do you use split-screen mode on an Android device?

Because Android devices come with distinct interfaces, based on the model, the instructions for split-screen view may differ slightly for your particular device. The steps that follow should apply to all Androids.

1. The Home screen will appear. Click on the Recent Apps button. For some phones, this is depicted by three vertical lines. However, in other handsets, it’s rectangular and is usually located at the left or bottom side in the lower right or left corner of your screen.

2. In Recent Apps: Look for the application you would like to utilize in a split screen mode, then press and hold the app until you’re presented with a menu.

3. In the menu bar, click the split screen.

4. The app you’ve chosen will be temporarily displayed in the upper part of the screen. It is separated from the lower portion by a black line. After that, you can tap on the second application you want to access to split the screen.

5. Apps will be displayed in split-screen mode, and you can switch between both easily.

6. For the end of the splitting screen, drag the black bar that separates applications in the direction of the app you wish to end.

If you use apps with split screen frequently, you’ll see that certain applications are more suited to be split-screen over other apps.

Apps such as YouTube or Netflix can be used to split screen because their video features require minimal interaction. Mobile games, however, may not work with split screens if the game requires a significant amount of focus from the user.

How do you use split-screen in Android (Gesture-based navigation)

Depending on whether you’re using buttons or gesture-based navigation, there are a few variations. We’ll discuss the two separately.

Check that both applications you want to run on a split screen are running.

Slowly swipe up at the screen’s base to display the app switcher.

Samsung and Stock Android: Long-press the icon of the initial app you’d prefer to run in split-screen mode.

One-Piece: Long press on the body of the application that you’d like to utilize in split-screen mode.

Click on the Split screen (“Open with split display view” in Samsung)

Select the second application you want to split-screen

How do I use split screens in Android (Button-based navigation)

  • Ensure the two apps you wish to utilize on a split screen are running.
  • Press the button for app switching on the lower left of your screen.
  • Stock Android/Samsung: Long press the icon of the initial app you’d like to split screen with.
  • OnePlus 1. Long-press on the body of the application you’d like to utilize in a split-screen.
  • Click on the split screen (“Open with split display view” in Samsung).
  • Choose the other app you want to split screen.

Both apps should be open, with both making up half the screen. Split-screen can be used in any orientation, so turn your phone horizontally, and apps will reorient their displays correctly. The mid-point slider lets you change the size of apps in a 75/25 split instead of 50/50. This is done by sliding the line in place.

It’s that simple. You, so now enjoy the increased productivity of Android.

What can you do to stop Android Split-screen Mode?

Quitting split screen mode is like resizing one of the windows in an app and involves the drag of the bar that divides. Once you’re finished with split screen mode, press on and hold the screen, then drag it to either the highest or lowest point in the window. The way you move the line, the app at the top or bottom will be open with full-screen mode, while split-screen mode will close.

Here’s how to change between split screen mode and one app view for Android:

1. Press and keep the line divider between both apps.

2. Drag upwards to retain the lower app and down to retain the top application.

3. Continue drag until you are at the bottom or top of your screen.

4. Lift your finger, and the phone switches to the one-app view.

Cleaning the Chromebook Screen

If you’re using a Chromebook user, the screen will get filthy and smudge now and then. This is particularly true when you have a touchscreen. The dirty condition of the touchscreen may result in it not responding and can cause it to be difficult to read the content on display.

The screens of even the most basic models can get coated in coffee, dust, and other liquids. If you’re fed up with the grime, take an overview of how to wash a Chromebook screen.

Important: Disconnect all the cables, especially the power cable, before washing the Chromebook screen. Additionally, avoid using an aggressive cleaning agent such as Windex because it could harm the screen.

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