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How To Turn Off Age Restriction On YouTube

This is the reason YouTube gives its users a restricted mode (also known as the safe mode) to block possibly adult videos that you might prefer not to view or do not want other users of your device to be able to see.

But the filters may not be exact, and in some cases, your views on the content you’re not sure about could differ from YouTube’s. So it’s recommended to remove the restricted mode.

What is the age restriction on YouTube?

YouTube is a well-known video hosting site with over one billion users. You can post your thoughts, ideas and experience, showcase your skills, and more on YouTube. YouTube also offers the opportunity to showcase your business through videos.

If you’re not signed in with Google with your Google accounts, YouTube will hide videos that could be inappropriate by using an option called “Safety mode.” You will see the message “This video is not available when Restricted Mode disabled.” You must then log in and confirm your birth date in your Google + profile and disable Restricted Mode for YouTube. We’ll explain how to switch off the age-related restrictions on YouTube.

How to Bypass YouTube Age Restriction Mobile

There are various options available when you wish to gain access to YouTube videos that are restricted to users of a certain age from Your Android device.

The first step is switching off the “Restricted Mode” in the YouTube application. This approach is similar to the method used on iPhone:

Start YouTube for the Android device.

Click on the profile icon at the top of the screen to access your account settings.

Click the “Settings,” which will appear near the lower part of the list.

Select “General.” This should be the first option on the list.

Under”General,” click on the “General” menu scroll down until you come to “Restricted Mode.”

If you’re using the “Restricted Mode” is enabled, there will be an orange button to the right. Tap it to turn off this mode.

How can you eliminate age restrictions in YouTube on a computer or laptop?

Step 1: Go to YouTube on your browser, and make sure you’re signed in.

Step 2: Next, click on your profile icon in the upper right corner.

Step 3. Scroll to the bottom, and you will see the last option named Restricted Mode. Click it to change the settings.

Step 4: Disable the ACTIVATE RESTRICTED MODE button using the toggle button.

This setting applies to that specific browser only. It is possible to repeat the setting when using YouTube with a different browser.

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