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How To Turn Off Airpods Notification

If the AirPods are with your iPhone, they’ll give you great audio from the music you listen to on apps such as Apple Music or Spotify and send notifications.
In addition to your headphones’ messages, you could receive notifications on your iPhone when you take your AirPods at work or home.

The tutorial below will help you switch off AirPod notifications if you wish to stop getting these “left behind” reports or when you want your phone to not read the messages to you.

How to Turn Announce Notifications Off

You can switch the feature off with either the iPhone or iPad. The option to control Siri announcements is tucked away in its Settings menu. However, you can get it by following only a few steps.

Open Settings and tap on Notifications.
Click on Announce notifications to switch off the feature.
Once you’ve done that, you’re done! You no longer have to worry about Siri getting into your AirPods with many text messages, reminders, and other notifications.

If you need more time to turn off the feature, turn off the Headphones option in the Announce when Connected to. In the alternative, Siri will only announce notifications via CarPlay (if your vehicle supports CarPlay). However, you can disable this option, also. Here’s how:

Toggle off Announce Messages

There’s also the option of adding tiles to the Control Center, allowing you to switch it off and on whenever you want without having to search in the Settings menu. It is possible to add the tile by following:

Open Settings and tap Control Center.
Scroll to the bottom of the page for More Controls to announce Notifications
Touch the green + button

After it’s been added to the system, it will appear in the Controls Included section. If you swipe left or right into the Control Center, you’ll also be able to see the tile. You can click on this tile and turn it on or off when needed.

Change Announce Message Type

In addition, there are additional setting that needs to be verified. Announce Message Type is based on two conditions, announce time-sensitive Notifications and All Notifications. No matter which option you choose, you can switch between the two and test whether Announce Message on AirPods is functioning.

Go to the Settings App on your iPhone.
Scroll down to the bottom and tap Notifications. Choose Announce Notifications. Enable Announce Notifications toggle and Also Enable the Headphones toggle.announce-notifications-settings-on-iPhone
Go to the App with which announce notifications need to be fixed.turn-on-time-sensitive-notifications-in-announce-notifications-on-iPhone-settings

Switch to Time-Sensitive, and All Notifications.

For the Messages application, App is classified as “Time-Sensitive Notifications” and “All Notification.” Sometimes, this is ridiculous since messages are not needed for promotions, and Transaction messages are useless to hear. I recommend turning off or selecting time-sensitive notifications.

That’s the Customisation that allows you to announce announcements to users of iPhone and iPad running iOS 15 or later. iPadOS 15 or the later versions that have been updated.

More Information on How to Turn Off the Airpods Left Behind Notification on an iPhone

The steps described in this article refer to changing this setting specifically for Airpods; however, you could apply these steps to other iOS devices, such as Airpods Pro and an Airtagged object, an iPad, and many others.

Click here for more information about an option on your iPhone that lets you silence specific conversations.

If you cannot locate your Find My App on your Home screen, move your finger down the Home screen and open Spotlight Search, then type “find my” into the search box and select empty Find My App. It’s a default application for your iPhone, and you must already have it unless you’ve previously removed it. If you’ve deleted it, visit the App Store, search for it, and restore it.

When you edit your device settings using the Find My App, you can select locations you do not wish to be alerted to. This means that you could set your Find My App not to inform you that you’ve left the premises if you’re working or at home.

If you’d like to change the settings of your Airpods and you’re using them, navigate there: Settings > Bluetooth and tap on the small I the left of the earbuds. You can see various options to control how your earbuds work. Based on the kind of Airpods you own, the options may differ.

When you click on your Airpods from the Find My App, you will likely find several ways to connect to the device. They include:

Each setting is valid and may help find a lost Apple device.

If you don’t get Siri announcements, you’re not alone.
If you do not hear Siri announce the notifications, follow these steps:

  • Be sure to use a suitable device.
  • Check that your AirPods or suitable Beats headphones are linked to your device through Settings > Bluetooth. Bluetooth.
    Navigate through Settings > Notifications > Announce Notifications. Ensure that Announce Notifications are on.
    Check whether your iPhone or iPad is locked and the screen is not dark. Siri doesn’t announce messages if you’re using your device.


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