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How To Turn Off An Android Phone

Even though you’re not required to shut off your Android smartphone every day, you may be required to shut it down to help with troubleshooting or for security reasons. This is as simple as pressing the power button. But some other strategies could help turn off your gadget. This article will show you how to switch off your phone shortly.

We must remember that Android smartphones come in a variety of varieties. Different brands have their models, and you can choose from various choices. We’ll try our best to provide every one of them here.

How to Turn Off Android Using the Power Button

This method may be the most simple. It’s not a guarantee, however. It will work every time. If the power button on your phone is damaged, it’s impossible to switch off your device using this technique. In addition, this will work if you possess your unlock code for the screen.

Android can protect the Power of your smartphone unless you have unlocked the screen before doing so. This is an excellent feature if your phone has been stolen and you’re trying to trace it. It’s also a hassle If you’ve forgotten your PIN or unlock code.

If neither scenario applies to your situation, you can turn off your Android smartphone by pressing the power button.

Power Off Normally

Click the “Power” button on your Android to get it out of sleeping mode.

Hold and press and hold the “Power” button to open the Device Options Dialog.

Click “Power Off” in the dialog window. The device will then shut down. Start the device up again with a press and Hold on the power button until you see the boot screen.

Forced Reboot

Hold and press your finger on the “Power” button.

Hold and press and hold the “Volume Up” button. There are some Android gadgets, like the ones with no external volume controls, that might necessitate pressing an alternative button, like”Home, “Home,” or “Menu” button.

Keep pressing the buttons continuously until the device is restarted.

Shut off the phone without using the Power Button.

There are various options to turn off the Power of the Android smartphone or tablet when you have a problem with the power button. These tips can also assist in restarting the device without using the volume and power button.

  • Utilizing an ADB command
  • Via Android Accessibility Menu
  • Utilizing a reboot application
  • Via Quick Settings menu (Samsung devices)

When you are learning how to shut off your Android phone, I was hoping you could go through my guide to 8 methods to power off the Android smartphone without pressing the power button.

ADB Command to Turn off Phone

There are better ways to shut off Android devices when the power button or display is damaged. It is, however, feasible to shut off and restart your Android phone or tablet to safe Mode or Mode, System Mode, and Bootloader Mode or Recovery Mode by using ADB commands without the Volume and Power keys.

To run ADB commands on an Android smartphone, it’s necessary to require a PC or laptop. A final thing is USB debugging has to be turned on within your device. Let’s find out the steps to turn off your Android phone that does not have to press the power button or volume button.

  1. Download the most recent Android SDK Platform-tools on Windows and install ADB and Fastboot for macOS.
  2. Enable USB debugging on your Android phone if it isn’t turned on. You won’t be capable of doing this if your device’s touch screen isn’t functioning.
  3. Launch the Windows Command Prompt or Mac Terminal.
  4. Connect your device to your computer via a compatible USB cable.
  5. Issue the following commands to ensure your phone and computer are connected correctly.

Reasons To Turn Off Android Without a Power Button

Nobody needs to learn how to shut down their smartphone with power buttons. But, there are various reasons that you should turn off the phone with the power button. The reasons could include:

  • The power button may be broken or needs to be functional due to frequent use.
  • The volume buttons do not work.
  • The device’s screen has been damaged. The touch screen is not working correctly.
  • Turning Off Android Phone
  • The process of turning off a smartphone does not require a lot of effort. Our step-by-step steps can help you figure out various methods of doing it when you find that the power button or touch isn’t working on your phone.

Therefore, to stop you from being on the sidelines, here are three easy ways to switch off Android without touching the power button.

Turning Off the Android Tablet

It is easy to shut down your Android tablet with a single press and Hold off on the power key for five to seven minutes. If the tablet does not turn off, press the power button for 30 seconds to trigger the device to force-boot.

It is also possible to install the Menu button app to your Android tablet to switch off Power without the power button.

Consider the master reset option if you are unable to find a solution that is suitable for you. But make sure to ensure that all your data is protected before beginning the process of reset.

How do you remap the power buttons of your Android phone

Remap the power button of a Samsung Galaxy phone
For customizing the side keys to your preference on Samsung Galaxy devices:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select Advanced Features > Side keys.
  3. Under Hold and press the power button, choose Power off from the menu.
  4. How do I remap the power button of the Google Pixel phone
    For reprogramming the power button of the Google Pixel phone:
  5. Open Settings.
  6. Select System > Gestures.
  7. Under Hold and press the power button. Switch off. Press and hold for Assistant.
  8. You can now press the power button to get the power-related dialog.

Reset Device

It is possible to erase your device’s personal and app data using the “Settings” menu on your home screen. Click on”Backup & Reset” from the “Backup & reset” menu and then click “Factory data reset.” Click”Reset tablet” and then click the “Reset tablet” option. Once you’ve entered any required credentials, select “Erase everything” to confirm the factory reset. Resetting takes a short time, and then you can create it as a fresh device.

Resetting in Recovery Mode

If your Nexus 7 is unresponsive, it is possible to use the factory reset function in Recovery mode. When in recovery mode, you have to navigate to the menus on your Nexus 7 with”Power” and “Power” and “Volume” buttons. Make sure you switch your device off and simultaneously use your “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons until your tablet turns into a light. Then press the “Volume Down” button twice to bring up “Recovery mode,” then click”Power” to activate the “Power” button to start the device into recovery mode. If you have successfully entered the recovery mode, a picture that shows an Android robot sporting an exclamation point in red appears on the screen. Hold and press the “Power” button, then hit the “Volume Up” button to navigate through”Wipe data/factory reset “Wipe data/factory reset” option. Click the “Power” button to select the factory reset option, after which you can select “Yes – erase all user data” and then press “Power” once more to confirm the selection.


It is possible to turn off your Android smartphone by pressing the power button or the quick settings menu or by using your phone’s voice commands. Turning off the power button involves holding and pressing the power button until the power options menu is displayed on the screen and then choosing the Power Off option. Another method is to open your phone. Swipe down and press the power icon to switch off your Android phone. Another method is to use the Google Assistant app to turn off the phone using spoken commands.

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