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How to Turn Off Chromecast

It’s the little things that you do, you. Sometimes, you’re in your living room, and you want to switch on your television without reaching for that remote. You can undoubtedly request Home to play something from your Chromecast, and it will bring the TV on; however, it will then start playing something, and maybe you were looking at those gorgeous backgrounds. Also, forget about turning the TV off; it did not work.
Then yesterday was. Google has released a brand new support document explaining that you can toggle on and off your TV using Google Home. First, of course, it’s necessary to have a Chromecast attached to the TV and for the TV to work with HDMI-CEC and have CEC enabled.

How to Turn Off Chromecast Entirely

Chromecast devices do not have an off-off switch. Instead, they’re designed as a device that is always on, with a display for your Home that appears on your TV’s screen when the device isn’t being used. People might not want to use the show that is always on or does not wish to see the Chromecast device visible on their home network when it’s not being used.

Disconnect Power

The easiest method to switch off a Chromecast device is to cut off the power. Chromecast devices have an outlet for energy that you can plug the wall charger into. If you remove the charger from this port, your Chromecast device will shut off.

Stop Broadcasting

Use the laptop or phone that you are using to control Chromecast media content. Chromecast the media contents. This can be done by pressing or clicking on “Stop Casting/Disconnect.”

How to Stop Casting to Chromecast

Certain Chromecast compatible applications are recognized to lose control over the Chromecast stream launches using that application. One example is the Amazon Prime Video player on mobile devices and the Hulu web-based video player. You may have lost the capability to remotely control the Chromecast and can no longer manage the sound, change the movie’s time bar and stop the casting.

If you cannot stop your Chromecast stream using these apps, take these steps to restore control.

Should You Leave our Device Plugged In?

If you are in a hurry to switch to the latest TV, connecting it is logical; however, it is best to combine it throughout the day for other reasons. This is because the longer the stick remains inactive and unplugged, the more significant updates it doesn’t miss out on. If you connect it to the computer, you could wait for a long time until it updates to the latest settings.

Google Home App

If Chrome does not work, launch the Google Home app on your smartphone since it controls each Chromecast device in your Home. Next, select on the Chromecast device you wish to stop, and then on the device’s screen, choose to Stop casting in the lower right.

Final Thoughts

After configuring the Chromecast After setting it up, if you encounter an error “No devices found” message on the Chromecast when you attempt connecting or casting the Chromecast, try disconnecting the Chromecast and then plugging it into the TV.

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