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How To Turn Off Shared Photos

Apple released iOS 15 for everyone last week. It introduced the latest features that simplify your day-to-day routine. One of the features you can access is shared with You”, a brand-new section highlighting information shared by other users on the Messages application. If you do not like this feature or do not want other content separated into separate sections, you should turn it off.

What are the reasons to turn off Sharing Photos on iOS 15?

“Shared with You” is an excellent option within the Photos app for iOS 15, but you might want to conceal the content shared with you by other people due to a variety of reasons, including:

The shared content you share may be private to you, and it is possible that you don’t want other users to find out who they sent them to whenever they open the Photos application.
The content posted by some people you know isn’t important to you, and you want to avoid seeing them within the Photos app or in other apps you have installed on your iPhone.
It’s not a good idea to have the Photos application get clogged by additional tabs that don’t match those you currently are seeing.
You do not care about Apple’s “Shared with You feature and do not want to utilize it in any way.
How do you stop sharing photos with someone: Turn off “Shared with You” on the Contact
If you don’t like someone’s sharing media appearing under the newly-created “Shared With You area on the Photos app, then you should prevent this particular Contact from being displayed in ‘Shared With You altogether. It doesn’t just remove all shared content in the Photos app. Still, it also stops the shared content from showing within any other apps supported by Apple, including Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple News, Podcasts, and Safari.

Start the Messages app to remove someone from Shared With You to hide them from sharing with you. Select who you want to block, then tap their photo on the right. The screen will appear after you tap the (green) toggle next to the ‘Show in Shared by You.’ It will then turn gray after you have turned it off.

What is the reason shared photos are removed from iOS 15?

In iOS 15, Apple created its “Shared by you” feature. This feature allows iPhone users to search and share content through the Messages application easily. If someone uploads a photo in Messages, it will appear in the Shared Photos section once you start the Photos application. Most people choose to erase shared pictures because of these reasons.

The photo you share may be personal, and you do not want it to be visible to others using the Photos application.
Don’t want your Photos app to mess up in any way by sharing images from different sources.
The images that you share anymore and are planning to delete the photos to clear more storage space in iPhone iOS 15.

How Do I Turn Off Sharing On My iPhone?

You can open the Activity app for the iPhone, then select Sharing. If you wish to delete friends, click the user you’re sharing information with, click their name, select remove me or block my activities, apart from using third-party applications and sharing data with friends.

The items you send to other Apple users through iMessage can now be synchronized across all of your Apple devices with the brand new sharing with You feature. The feature is helpful, but it could be not very pleasant occasionally. If you’d like to eliminate these “shared items appearing everywhere, turn off the feature by following these steps. There are various reasons it is possible to deactivate this function for the iPhone and iPad. If you’re not interested in viewing all your photos or links you’ve received from friends, it is possible to turn off this option. You can use the iOS application to communicate with your contacts about the content they share. If you click an image or link you share, it is still displayed in the tab.

You can easily remove specific elements from programs like Apple Music, TV, Safari, and Photos. A single button can accomplish this. If you’re trying to spare your time from headaches that aren’t needed, We recommend removing this feature completely. If you’d like to stop sharing messages to your Mac, Go to the Messages application and choose preferences from the main menu.

The Pros And Cons Of Shared Albums In The Photos App

Photos and videos to only the people you want to share them with by using the Photos app’s feature for sharing albums. Users can also add their photos and comments. Shared Albums are accessible through iCloud Photos and the My Photo Stream. If you do not have the iCloud Photo Library installed, your pictures don’t exist stored on iCloud. When you cease sharing your album, others’ iPhones can’t access the videos and photos in the album.

How To Turn Off Photo Sharing On Android

To stop sharing photos on Android, navigate to the settings and then select”Privacy and Security. You can select”Photo sharing” from the ” Photo sharing” option and ensure the toggle has been turned off.

How do I prevent Google from sharing my images? There is no universal solution. It is also possible to remove the history of your Google Photos history, adjust the settings of your photo sharing and then delete any Google account from sharing devices. If you wish to unsynchronized the photos on another device, take these instructions. Photos on Google Photos are not automatically distributed. People can join in sharing photos by including them as contributors or by sharing links. If you’ve linked your Google Photos account to another Google account, it is possible to un-sync it.

Sharing content among Android devices is possible through a myriad of methods. How can I prevent my smartphone from synchronizing photos with Google Photos? There are many options to turn off the photo sync feature inside the application. The first option is to utilize cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox. If you’ve enabled the iCloud Photo Sharing feature on your iPhone, your pictures will automatically be uploaded to the husband’s iPhone.

How Do I Turn On Photo Sharing On Android?

To turn on sharing photos for Android, You can do this by following the instructions below:

  1. Launch your Google Photos app on your Android smartphone.
  2. Touch the three horizontal lines in the left-hand corner at the top of the display.
  3. Choose “Settings” on the drop-down menu.
  4. Scroll until you find a “Shared Libraries” option. Tap on it.
  5. Click “Get Start” and choose the pictures or videos you wish to upload to the network.
  6. Select the person you wish to share the information with using “Partner Account” or “Individuals” and include the email addresses of those you share with.
  7. Change the settings of sharing depending on the need.
  8. Click on “Send” to invite people to join.

After your shared library has been established, all those who are family members you’ve invited to join will be able to access and browse your shared videos and images through their personal Google Photos application.

How Do I Change My Google Photo Sharing Settings?

If you wish to alter your Google photo-sharing settings, you will need to comply with these steps:

  1. Google Photos. Open Google Photos and tap the profile icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Click “Settings” in the menu.
  3. Select “Sharing Collaboration and sharing” and choose “Sharing choices.”
  4. You can select who has access to your videos and photos and determine the level of access they can have.
  5. You may also prevent certain individuals from viewing your website content by clicking “Blocked” and then adding the email addresses of those who are blocked.

Suppose you adjust your sharing options within your Google Photos and Google Photos. In that case, you will have more control over who can view or interact with the most precious photographs while being able to share your photos with the appropriate people easily.
What can you do to block someone’s sharing of pictures:

You can turn off ‘Shared with You on the Contact

If you don’t want someone’s sharing media to appear in the brand new “Shared With You” section of the Photos application, you may decide to prevent this particular Contact from appearing under the tab ‘Shared with You’ completely. This will not just remove all shared content from the Photos application but also block your shared items from appearing in any other compatible applications such as Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple News, Podcasts, and Safari.
To keep someone off “Shared with You,” open the Messages application and select the individual you want to conceal to hide, then tap their photo of Contact in the upper right. The screen will appear after pressing the switch (green) just below “Show as Shared With You’.

What exactly is What is “Sharing Photos” Feature on iPhone?

There are two kinds of photo-sharing options on the iPhone. One is the iCloud photo-sharing function that shares your images with iCloud Then, they are displayed on all different Apple devices with the identical Apple ID.

Another feature option is The Family Sharing feature that allows you to instantly share your album photos with someone else by adding the photos to them. This feature automatically shares the albums or photos with this person.

What feature do you wish to disable and stop sharing photos using your iPhone? Let’s talk about switching off both features one step at a time. This will benefit those who want to remove sharing photos, regardless of whether they employ the first or second option.

How To Stop Sharing Photos on iPhone

There are two ways to block sharing of your images with your iPhone.

Method #1: Turn Off iCloud Photo Sharing

If you’re fed up with the automatic photo-sharing feature in iCloud that is available for all your devices, take the steps listed below.

Open the Settings > “Photos.”
After you locate the app, click and then look for the “iCloud Photos” feature.
Switch it off by pressing on the switch.
Then, you will be able to stop the sharing of your images across different devices.

Method #2: Stop Sharing Photos With Someone Else on iPhone

Sometimes you’ve been enrolled in the Family Sharing group on your iPhone that automatically shares your photos with the entire group. Apple developed this feature to allow families to connect and not waste a moment.

However, suppose you want to refrain from sharing photographs with family members, or you’d like to cease sharing images with another person who you made an album of previously. In that case, this is the procedure to take.

Navigate to Settings and then click your name on the right side of the page.
Scroll down, click on down, and click the “Family sharing” option. This will display the entire list of family members or friends who share photos.
Enter your username.
Then, you will be presented with a range of choices and must select “Stop Using Family Sharing.”
Then you can stop sharing pictures with other family members.


This is how to end the automatic sharing of photos using your iPhone and iOS device. These techniques can be useful to those who want to protect your privacy.

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