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How To Turn Off Siri Reading Texts

Siri is a highly effective personal assistant that will significantly increase productivity. It is possible to have Siri perform a variety of things for you so you can manage other things. But, at times, Siri can be an issue. It’s not ideal for Siri to jolly announce your calls and read your messages during the midst of a crucial meeting. Let’s find out how to avoid awkward situations and manage Siri more efficiently.

What’s Wrong With Siri Listening To My Messages?

Apple has introduced the capability to allow Siri to read text messages in the hope of making it simpler to make use of your iPhone hands-free. With the Announce Messages feature enabled, Siri reads out notifications when you’re wearing AirPods and compatible Beats headphones, even when the device is locked.

How Can I Make Siri Stop Reading Text Messages?

Due to its popularity, we have put together these questions to answer them. Sometimes Siri can be critical, but at the same time, it may require your patience. There is an option in Apple that allows Siri to read the text it has received. This is when an option called ‘Speak Automatic Text’ is activated on your smartphone. Many users have asked us about turning off Siri reading their texts. To help you, we have laid steps to show “how to make Siri to cease reading messages in text”. Learn more about “how you can make Siri to cease reading messages in text”.

Go to the home page of your smartphone
Start the Settings Menu.
Select the General option.
Click on Accessibility.
You will be able to find the “Speak Auto-Text” option.
Please turn it off and go back to the Homescreen.
Your Siri will not be able to speak your text message at this time!

How To Respond To Messages Hands-Free

If you’ve enabled Announce Messages option with Siri on AirPods and you want to reply, here’s how to respond.
When Siri reads the text email, Siri awaits a response from the person who sent the message.
To respond to the message text, you have to begin by saying “Reply,” followed by whatever you’d like to respond to the text message.
After you have stopped talking, Siri reads the reply to determine if it is what you’re looking to reply to and then forwards it.

How Can I Disable Siri Announcements?

Follow the steps listed below to prevent Siri from calling out the caller’s name.

Touch the iPhone Settings and choose Phone.
Then select Calls.
Change Announce Demands to Never.
You can also choose to set Siri to announce your calls only when headphones are attached to your mobile. It’s a valuable feature to utilize, particularly when you don’t want others to know who’s calling you.


Many iPhone users would prefer to shut off Siri entirely as they’re satisfied with the performance of Siri. Siri doesn’t always apply the proper emphasis and pauses that can alter the meaning of messages that you receive via text.

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