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how to turn on bluetooth on windows 10

When you first got the Windows PC, you were probably awed by its ability to connect with Bluetooth. You’ve still not discovered how to use the feature to connect with your Bluetooth wireless mouse, Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth headphones, and any other Bluetooth-capable devices that you could think of pairing on your PC.

The Bluetooth issue is over. We’ll show you how to activate Bluetooth with different methods and then assist you in pairing your Bluetooth device to your Windows laptop or computer.

How do I turn On Bluetooth in Windows 10?

Usually, you can turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10 in three easy steps:

Hold your Windows logo key with your computer, then press on the key I to launch the Settings window.

Click Devices.

Turn the switch (currently turned off) to enable Bluetooth. (The Status will be changed to ON.)

However, if you can’t see the switch, and your display appears like the one below, you’re experiencing an issue in using Bluetooth for your device.

Don’t be afraid. We’ll demonstrate how to solve Bluetooth for Your Windows 10 computer and get the switch back to normal.

How to connect a Bluetooth device to Windows 10

When Bluetooth is enabled, it is possible to connect your device:

Visit the Bluetooth settings and then select Add Bluetooth or another device.

Choose Bluetooth.

On your Bluetooth device and place it into pairing mode.

The device will be listed on the screen of available devices, then choose it.

How do I connect the Bluetooth headset to my computer?

Be aware that you must enable Bluetooth technology for both devices to connect a Bluetooth device with Windows. For instance, you need to switch on Bluetooth for your headset and your laptop so that they have an opportunity for connection (your headphones should pair for the first time you try this). In Windows 10, you may need to pair your Bluetooth device to your operating system manually.

You can turn off Bluetooth on Windows as well as on your device.

Enter Settings on the Google search box, then start in the Settings app.

Click Devices, then click Bluetooth and other devices.

Utilize your Add Bluetooth or another device option to connect devices to your computer.

Update or Reinstall Your Bluetooth Driver. Bluetooth Driver

A few users have resolved the Windows 10 Bluetooth toggle missing issue by simply installing or updating the Bluetooth driver. It’s easy to use, and you may also give it a chance to try. To begin start, first, open the Device Manager in the beginning.

To update your Bluetooth driver software:

  1. Right-click on your Bluetooth driver and select Update driver.
  2. Select Search automatically to find updated driver software.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen for downloading and installing the resulting updates.

To install a new Bluetooth driver, click right on the driver, choose to uninstall the device, and then confirm the procedure. After that, select the Action tab and click Scan for changes to the hardware to install the default Bluetooth driver automatically.

If this method does not work, you should try an expert third-party application to update your drivers. Driver Easy Pro can detect outdated drivers and update them with only one click. Here’s the complete guide:

Step 1 Install Driver Easy, then begin to run it. Select the Scan Now button.

Step 2: Once the scanning process has been completed, click”Update All” to download and install the most recent drivers on all devices with outdated drivers.

Additional Recommendation

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The guide above should show you how to make Bluetooth for Windows 10 again if it doesn’t work. It also outlines the methods to turn on Bluetooth and then use it on your computer. In addition, it explains how to fix Bluetooth problems, and another frequent problem is a user’s account lost passwords.

Final Thoughts

Bluetooth is a handy tool, and you should benefit from it today. We hope that this article has answered all your concerns about how to install and fix the problem with your Bluetooth drivers. If you suspect your device isn’t functioning because of your driver, check back here to fix the problem.

Our Help Center offers hundreds of resources to help when you require assistance. Please keep coming back for more helpful articles, or contact our experts immediately for assistance.

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