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How To Unhide Photos On Iphone

When you block photos or videos, they are moved into the hidden Album, which means they won’t be visible in the Library or the other albums or the Photos widget on the Home Screen. With iOS 14 and after, you can turn off the Hidden Album, and your photos will be completely hidden. In iOS 16, iPadOS 16.1 and macOS Ventura and later, the Hidden album will be automatically locked.

How can you hide pictures that are stored on iPhone or iPad?

  1. Open Photos.
  2. Select the video or photo you would like to keep private.
  3. Tap the More button, after which hit Hide.
  4. Confirm that you wish to keep the image or video.

Photos can be hidden on iPhone or iPad.

  1. Open Photos, and then click the Album tab. On the iPad, you might have to click the icon for the sidebar in the upper left corner for your albums to be displayed.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and then click Under Utilities.
  3. Use the Face ID or Touch ID to unlock the Hidden Album.
  4. Tap the picture or video you wish to remove from the hidden area.
  5. Tap”More” and then unhide the app.

The Hidden Album: Find it

  1. Open the Photos application.
  2. Tap on the Albums tab.
  3. Scroll down until you find the Hidden album in Utilities. If you are using an iPad, you may have to click on the sidebar icon on the left side to view your albums.
    Turn off the Hidden Album:
  4. Go to Settings, then tap Photos.
  5. Scroll down until you can disable the Hidden Album.
    If you’re using either an iPhone or iPad on the iPad, on the iPad or iPhone, Hidden Album is enabled and available as a default. Once you’ve turned off this Hidden Album, all images or videos that have been hidden won’t show up on the Photos application.
    See hidden pictures on the iPhone.
    Hiding a picture doesn’t erase the photo; instead, it places the photo into a hidden album. This way, you can see the images whenever you’d like.

In Settings, choose Photos and enable the switch to display hidden Album. When you’ve done this, it will show within the Photos app at the bottom of the album tab. It can be hidden again similarly by returning to Settings and removing the switch.

The reason people don’t want to show photos from iPhone or iPad

There are a variety of motives for people to want to keep photos off their iPhones. These could be intimate pictures you made in private at home, photographs of your former partner that you’re not prepared to erase, or medical photographs you wish to present to your physician at your next appointment. Some take pictures of possible gifts for relatives, but they prefer to conceal them from the public eye or have already bought the present and would like to keep the image of their receipt. There are many plausible reasons to store personal photos on your iPhone or tablet.

Do You Need Additional Security?

Most users can use the privacy features built into Apple’s operating system. However, they’re not 100% secure. Anyone with a computer-savvy criminal could make ways to access your private images in a flash If they wanted to.

You can test a photo vault application on the App Store if you want greater peace of mind. The apps allow users to upload photos or videos into their application to lock the images behind a passcode or FaceID.

Keepsafe might be the most frequently used application to protect and hide your iPhone pictures. The app even comes with an integrated camera to capture photographs that can be saved directly into their application. At the same time, the premium plan can back up your pictures to the cloud, ensuring safe storag..
When you’ve hidden the pictures, If you want to examine the hidden photographs, follow the steps.

Launch the Photo app on the iPhone and then select the album option.
Click and swipe down, then select the “Hidden” Option. There will be images that you’ve secretly hidden.
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How to Unhide Photos on iPhone and iPad

When you’ve hidden photos, after hiding the Photos, There is an opportunity to remove the pictures. Use the steps below to Unhide the Photos from your iPhone or iPad,

Launch the Photo app on the iPhone and then select the album option.
Click and swipe down, then select the “Hidden” Option. There will be pictures that you’ve been able to hide.
Choose the pictures you want to remove from your computer through the Select Options from the upper corner.
Press the Share Button in the bottom left corner and select the “Unhide” Choice.


Now you know how to remove photos from your iPhone. Following the instructions in this article, it is easy to locate and view any photos hidden and saved on your phone. With just a few tappings on the screen, you’ll make the previously obscured images appear inside their albums in the Photos application.

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