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Lakes With Beaches Near Me

Despite the absence of beaches or oceanfront beaches within Lexington, the city, Kentucky, does not fail to provide a variety of vacation destinations.

Suppose you’re seeking lake beaches with plenty of activities for the family, secluded dunes that offer intimate areas, or shores surrounded by greenery. In that case, we could provide the best beach recommendations for you.

Make sure you have your bags packed with sun lotion, swimming suits, and trunks as we guide you through our selection of the best beaches close to Lexington, KY. Look it up!

Best Lake Beaches in Dallas and the surrounding area

This article will find the best six beaches to enjoy a hot afternoon in Dallas and the surrounding areas.

A list of things I would have liked to could have had when I first came to Dallas in 2006!

Great summer day trips and vacation spots, perfect for a relaxing summer day or enjoying the sunset at any time during the week.

Go to these spots, and you’ll be rewarded by crystal clear water, white sand and clean, well-maintained facilities.

Brown’s Beach on Saratoga Lake

Distance from Albany 35 minutes from Albany

Do you want to take a trip to the beach but don’t be too far away? Go up to the Northway towards Brown’s Beach on the southern shores of Saratoga Lake. Although the majority of Saratoga Lake is privately owned, Brown’s Beach has public access and a beach perfect for relaxing and enjoying the lake. With a shallow launch area, Brown’s Beach is also an ideal spot to take your paddleboard, kayak or canoe for more enjoyment in the water.

Grafton Lakes State Park Beach

Distance from Albany Distance From Albany: 35 minutes away

If you’re looking for a spot to swim in the vicinity of Albany, It is a must to look into Long Pond at Grafton Lakes State Park. You don’t have to pick if you’re unsure whether to hit the beach or take a stroll on the trails! The greatest thing about choosing one of the parks like Grafton Lakes for your next beach trip is the variety of outdoor activities that will satisfy your needs.

Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park — Dawson Springs

Pennyrile Forest State Park’s white dunes and tranquil and convenient location make it a wonderful location for quick beach trips from Lexington.

Million Dollar Beach on Lake George

Distance from Albany The distance is 58 minutes from Albany.

The view is million dollars at Lake George; Million Dollar Beach (Lake George Beach) is a popular summer spot for tourists and locals of the Lake George Region. The beach is located on the southern side of the lake. The beach is worth the drive and is ideal for relaxing and sunbathing. Boaters can also launch at this beach’s launch point area and have access to the washing and boat inspection stations. Boating inspections and washing are free.

Why We recommend this Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The destination has many activities.

Enjoy a dip in the crystal clear water of Pennyrile Lake, cruise around paddling boats, go for a horseback ride, and cycle on the numerous nature trails to make for an unforgettable journey.

Expert Tip

The beach is on top of a cliff with a view of the entire area of Pennyrile Lake, so make sure to watch stunning sunsets.

Additionally, the forest is home to many bird species, so don’t skip the bird-feeding opportunities to observe the many species this beach in the forest can offer.

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