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How to make terracotta in minecraft?

You can use many building blocks in Minecraft to build a base. You can choose from simple stones or concrete blocks that can have a more artistic look. Concrete is not the only type of block you can use to dye it.

Some Minecraft players may be focused only on battle and armor, but most are equally concerned with decorative blocks and creating a living space. Terracotta, among its variants, is one of the most desired blocks.

The various badlands biomes can produce bare, red, yellow, brown, and orange terracotta. These biomes are rare, but the Terracotta is abundant, and mining is the best way to get it.

Terracotta: How to Make It

Place the clay in the furnace GUI’s top cell to make Terracotta. Fill the lower cell with whatever fuel you prefer, such as wood or coal. Wait for the arrow to fill in the middle. Once your charcoal is ready, click on it and drag it into the inventory.

Terracotta can be obtained in two ways. You can either make it yourself or find a biome (also called a badlands) where Terracotta can naturally grow. It is luck, and you can travel quickly to find a mesa. There is no strategy involved in finding one. Instead, let’s look at a more common way to do it. Terracotta can be made from any clay block that you have mined. Find some clay first, usually found in shallow ponds or lakes.

Clay is a light-gray block that can often be found underwater. You can use any silk touch tool to get the whole clay block. You can also break it with your hands or other means to make four clay balls. Take as much clay as possible and go to the furnace. Your furnace will be fueled if you place your clay in the top slot.

Uncolored Terracotta will result in a smooth, reddish-brown color. Finding a soft block made primarily of one color is tricky. Terracotta allows you to choose one color.

How to make Glazed Terracotta

Glazed Terracotta can be made from any Terracotta. Place a block of Terracotta in a Furnace and cook until it becomes a vibrant block. Because of their bright colors, these blocks can be very distinctive and would make great decorative blocks.

How to make a furnace

To make a furnace, you will need eight cobblestones. This can be done by mining any ordinary stone. These stones can be found in caves, underground surfaces, and mountains.

How do you get Terracotta naturally?

Terracotta can also be obtained from natural sources. Badlands biomes are a great place to find Terracotta in large quantities. You can also find orange and blue Terracotta in desert pyramids. However, you will only see the light blue Terracotta in warm underwater ruins.

Terracotta as a Building Materials

Terracotta is as strong as any other solid block in terms of strength. Terracotta is not only beautiful to look at, like colored Wool blocks or stained glass blocks, but it is also stronger. Terracotta can withstand a Creeper explosion but will shatter.


Terracotta is just as resistant to blast as stone. Even if you have a small home, it takes a lot to construct enough Terracotta to build an entire house. You can create a whole place or base from it if you are ambitious. However, you will need to search for clay for quite some time. It may be necessary to travel several times as clay balls cannot be stacked in 16-pack stacks, unlike 64 stacks typical for many blocks in Minecraft. You cannot change the color of a terracotta brick after it has been dyed.

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