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Most Turnovers In NBA History

Turnovers were tracked as a respectable NBA stat in 1977-seventy-eight. Over the last five years, players have racked up honestly thousands of turnovers, collectively with some of the outstanding gamers in NBA records like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Jason Kidd.

Who Has the Most Turnovers in NBA History?

LeBron James has the most career turnovers in NBA statistics.

This is a negative, but it’s a testimony to his immoderate utilization rate within his profession. In addition, it suggests how durable James has been, as he’s logged 1,366 video games with immoderate mins in line with sport at some stage in his career.

Jeff Ruland, three.7

Jeff Ruland has emerged as a movie star who had his profession lessen quickly through ft, as in his very own feet. He had brittle toes, and the accidents ultimately ended his career.

Ruland did make it to the 1984 All-Star Game, notwithstanding the reality that. Over his brief profession, Ruland averaged 17.4 elements, 10.2 rebounds, and 3.7 turnovers.

He additionally had one of the most superb mustaches ever. However, I’m no longer certain there may be a stat for that.

Four. Pete Maravich, three.7

Pistol Pete Maravich became broadly taken into consideration to be one of the terrific ball-handlers in the records of the game. He turned out to be a veritable magician with the ball and frequently made human beings look silly, chasing him throughout the court docket at the same time as he dribbled the ball.

His ball dealing with and courtroom vision, no longer his passing a lot, attracts comparisons to the present-day Ricky Rubio.

He averaged 21.7 points and four. He had seven assists over the route of his career. He moreover averaged three. Seven turnovers are consistent with exercise.

Other NBA gamers on the all-time turnovers list

Regardless of media bias, LeBron James will circulate down as one of the quality game enthusiasts ever, with his immoderate number of turnovers only due to his traditional manufacturing at the basketball courtroom.

Karl Malone, as already cited, finished his profession with a complete of 4524 turnovers and is 2d on the listing.

The relaxation of the pinnacle-five list is rounded up via the use of Moses Malone, John Stockton, and late LA Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

Among modern-day NBA stars, only Russell Westbrook (9th) features in the top 10. He is another participant identified for his high usage rate. Westbrook has registered 3893 turnovers in his profession and could as properly prevent within the top three by the time he retires. James and Westbrook are presently worried about the play-in tournament and want to influence their companies to the playoffs.


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Isiah Thomas, three.Eight

Isiah Thomas emerged as one of the sport’s greatest issue guards ever. He averaged 19.2 elements and 9. He had three assists in line with mark over his career path. He went to 12 All-Star Games. Twice he has to turn out to be the All-Star Game’s MVP.

He moreover received NBA titles and became the Finals MVP in 1990.

Yeah, he averaged three. Eight turnovers; however, that is only sometimes why everyone recalls him.

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