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Naval Station Great Lakes Visitor Center

Naval Station Great Lakes is located on the shores of Lake Michigan in northeastern Illinois. It’s also the site of the Navy boot camp which means that if you’ve only recently signed up for the service at this station, it’s where you’ll begin your journey. It’s a huge facility that covers over 1,600 acres and housing more than 20000 personnel, sailors, and others from the military and civilians. They reside and operate in the 1,153 buildings on the base, and 39 of them are listed as part of the National Register of Historic Places. The legendary music composer John Phillip Sousa led the Naval State Band at Great Lakes during World War I. This is only a small part of the past that sailors will encounter when they arrive on the shores of Naval Station Great Lakes.

Road to the Great Lake of Naval Station

Naval Station Great Lakes is conveniently located within 45 minutes of Chicago. Because Chicago is an important U.S. city, you’ll find it easy to get there using any mode of transportation that is most convenient for you.

Greyhound Bus Station

There’s a Greyhound bus stop at 630 West Harrison Street. Take a bus from any point in the United States and then hail a cab to get to the station.

Flights to NS Great Lakes

In Chicago, O’Hare International Airport and Midway International Airport accept flights from all over the world. Car rental services are available at the terminal, along with herds of willing taxi drivers. However, we believe Midway is much simpler to navigate than O’Hare.

Driving Directions

Driving Directions to the Museum via Google Maps See Museum Location

Public transport

The public transportation system to the Great Lakes Naval Museum is available through Metra’s Union Pacific North Line. The stop for trains in Great Lakes and the museum is located to the north of the station, at The Naval Station Great Lakes Gate 1.

Naval Station to enter into great lakes and base facilities.

For entry into the airport, You’ll need a military identification card. The members of your family will require their ID cards for dependents. You may register in the DEERS office afterward if you’re not registered. Also, you’ll need various types of identification, along with any documents that the vehicle you’re taking through, such as the rental agreement or registration. Be sure to adhere to the directions and report to your designated place before doing anything else.

Check the procedure for the person who comes in.

You must report to your Quarterdeck/Commander’s Support Staff if you arrive during duty hours.

Naval Station Great Lakes Visitor Center

Visitors’ centers are where visitors and relatives will need first to stop if they’re attending a graduation or for other celebrations. If they’re coming to visit at any time, it’s the place they’ll meet to set up.

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