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Power button for hp laptop

It’s a real pain to purchase a brand new HP laptop and not be capable of turning it on. It is possible to turn on your laptop simply by lifting the lid when the laptop is sleeping. However, the most common method to switch the laptop on when it’s not powered is to press the power button. Where is the power button?

How to Turn on an HP Laptop

The only way to start most HP laptops is to press the power button. When your notebook is sleeping, it might be able open the lid. If the laptop is powered off, you’ll need to push to power it up.

The power button on HP’s Spectre 360 13 is in one of the corners on the back. It is angular. Jon Martindale

Depending on your HP laptop, the power button may be in different spots. Some laptops have it in the front, some in the corner at the back, and some close to the keyboard in the bottom part on the bottom of the laptop.

Where Is the Power Button on HP Laptop

Laptops have seen many modifications in terms of design and appearance over the past couple of decades. HP laptops don’t differ from other laptops. One of the most recent fashion trends is to cover or cover buttons for power.

The power button can be located under the lid of modern HP laptops. It is necessary to open the laptop to access the power button and then press it to turn the device on.
The power button on the back of your HP laptop has a small button. There isn’t any sound or vibration when you hit the button. It’s simply your finger; your laptop will follow the instruction, and then it should open.

The power button is above you on your HP laptop’s keyboard. It is on the left or right side.

The button can be found on the far-left or far-right in the upper row of the keyboard. For instance, the power button on the HP Envy 17-CE1010NT can be located in the upper-left corner; right over it is the ESC button on your keyboard.

The button can be described as an elongated rectangle approximately 0.5-inch long. It is lit when it is the button is pressed.

There is also a power button located on the right or left side.

If you need assistance finding your power button for an HP laptop, check the manual or look for information on HP Support’s website. HP Support Website.

How to turn the on HP Laptop without Power Button

The easiest way to power off an HP laptop or get it back out of sleep is by pressing the power button. The power button is often used to turn off a stuck computer or when it ceases to respond.

The power button could fail or cease to function due to numerous reasons. Many HP users are asking how to turn off their laptops with no power button. Today, we’ll explain how to switch on your HP laptop even though it doesn’t have a power button.

From the Pins that are under the Power Button

Each laptop’s power button is equipped with several pins beneath. When you hit the button, it completes the circuit because the pins are pulled in. You can utilize this to your advantage if you own an HP laptop with no power button.

Here are the steps you must take to accomplish this work.

Unplug the charging cable from the outlet on your wall.

Remove the case of your laptop by removing all screws. Be sure to secure the screws, as it can be challenging to locate new screws that are the same size.

Locate the power button and then remove it.

Use a screwdriver or wire, and plug it into all of the pins. This will turn on your laptop when it has completed the circuit, and flow of current will begin to flow.7

If your laptop is connected to the computer, ensure you are careful when following this step. Use a screwdriver.

Switch On the HP laptop without pressing a Power Button by using the keyboard

Most laptops offer the option of using your keyboard to switch the system on. It is possible to switch it on for HP laptops via BIOS. Learn how to switch it on with an HP laptop with Windows 10.

Visit BIOS on the screen that starts booting up. If you notice that the power button has failed, You can try the above method to turn on your computer.

After entering when you enter the BIOS mode, you’ll need to locate the “Power Management” settings. The names of these settings differ between different manufacturers. However, you’ll discover the appropriate settings within only a few minutes.

Search for a setting that reads “Power on by Keyboard.” Set the settings, then save the settings.

Switch off your laptop and test the newly altered settings.

How do I set up an additional power button on the back of my HP laptop?

Here’s how to set up an updated power button on your laptop

Turn off your laptop, and disconnect the battery and the charging cord if connected.

Remove the laptop’s casing and remove the RAM, hard drive, and keyboard frame.

Remove the top frame and find the power button area.

Examine how the previous powered button connected with your laptop. Connect the new power button.

Make sure you purchase a power button compatible with your model that is compatible with the model you have.

Is repair of the power button expensive?

It is contingent on a variety of elements. The repair is inexpensive if your computer’s in warranty and your power button has been covered under the warranty contract. The make and model affect the price of repair also. If you own a premium machine, repairs will cost you a lot. So you


HP is among the top computer makers around the globe. HP laptops are renowned for their reliability and value. We’ve found that the only method to switch on the HP laptop is to press the power button.

The button can be found in different places depending upon your HP model. For the majority of laptops, it’s located on the left-hand side of the keyboard, just below the ESC keys on keyboards.

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