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Salmon Cooked In The Air Fryer.

The trick to creating the finest frozen Salmon in an air-fryer is brushing the fillets in my unique blend of flavor. When you’ve had this delicious, flaky fish, you’ll want to keep it!
Do you often find yourself in need of delicious food that can be prepared quickly? Maybe you’ve had plans made at the last minute to host family or friends for dinner? You can put some salmon that you have frozen in your air fryer, and you’ll be set to go!
Air fryers are ideal for creating flaky, tender fish in minutes. And the taste you get from rubbing each fish fillet with my particular mix of lemon juice, oil, Dijon, and spices is truly out of the world.

Notes on Ingredients:

Fresh Salmon an avid fan of Salmon from Trader Joe’s. I’ll go into more detail about my passion for the kind of Salmon I use in my recipes for fish tacos with blackened Salmon.
Salmon that has been frozen There is no need to defrost the fish before cooking it in the air fryer. However, when you have the time, you should try to first defrost it before adding it to the air fryer to ensure the most delicious texture after cooking.
Oil of olive: or a neutral oil will do.
The juice of a lemon is an excellent source of freshness and acidity to marinade.
Garlic: I prefer using a Microplane for grating garlic to add it into marinades to ensure that it is well incorporated and you don’t have tiny pieces of Salmon.
Dijon mustard is a great way to add a tangy taste to Salmon and is great with lemon and garlic!
Salt and pepper.


Nope! The great thing about this dish is that fish can be taken directly from your freezer, and then olive oil and the seasoning mix in the fryer. From there, it will cook to crispy-on-the-outside, flaky-on-the-inside perfection in 20 minutes or less!


A complete print version of the recipe, including ingredient quantities, is available at the bottom of this article.
Step One: Preheat the air fryer to 390 degrees F.
STEP 2:In a small bowl, mix lemon juice, olive oil, Dijon, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and cayenne. Apply the mix to the bottom and top of each fish.
Step 3:Place the seasoned frozen Salmon in a single layer and cook for 12-18 minutes.

STEP4:Serve with lemon wedges If you like.
Alternately, you can place the Salmon directly in an air fryer to cook for six minutes to allow it to defrost. Then, follow the instructions in step two and prepare the fish for an additional 6 to 12 minutes or until it is cooked to your liking.


I like cooking Salmon in the air fryer since you don’t need to wait for your oven to get ready. It’s also energy efficient!
Like cooking in the air fryer to cook chicken breasts, The Salmon is less tender on the inside when cooked using this speedy method. I like that I can put the fish in my air fryer and cook the rest of our meals as it cooks.
The air fryer turns off once the cooking process is finished, so it won’t cook the fish too long when you’re distracted.

Below are some helpful tips for purchasing Salmon:

Find vibrantly colored fish at the market. There should not be any dark spots or brown marks on the fish or absolutely no bruises on the surface. It will help if you look for smooth, firm, and shiny flesh.
There shouldn’t be any discernible odor associated with the fish or odor that smells like fish.

These are suggestions for cooking the Salmon.

The skin should be left on. It’s a fantastic layer for the skin and an air fryer basket (or parchment paper). Since the skin is crisp, it’s much simpler to flip it midway through cooking. Skin is edible to eat, and you can choose to take it or not consume it. It’s your choice.
Don’t overcook the Salmon. This is a widespread error made by all cooks who cook Salmon. The salmon fillet starts to become white; take it out of the fryer since it has been cooked.
The most effective method of cooking salmon is medium-rare. I am cooking it to medium. It is the perfect method because it will not be dry, even within the middle.


Do you have frozen Salmon in your freezer that you didn’t defrost? You can cook it directly in an air fryer as well!
It’s just a little longer to cook, and it doesn’t cook like the fresh ones. (For better foolproof results, you can thaw the frozen fish for a few hours in the refrigerator so that you can follow the new instructions, rather than.)
To cook frozen Salmon using the oven fryer, begin by cooking the Salmon but without any other seasoning. This is what’s known as the “thawing” step. I prepare the frozen fish at 360°F over 7 minutes. (This will be for filets that are 1 1/2 inches thick. Start with just 5 minutes to cook an ounce or less.)

When the timer is off, you can season the Salmon as fresh Salmon. Return them to your air fryer, and cook for another 5 – to 8 mins at 360oF until the fish is transparent and flaky.
I prefer to check it every five minutes to ensure that it isn’t cooking too long, mainly if the fish is thin, like 1 inch. You can always increase the cooking time as you need it.
The cooked Salmon that is frozen tends to cook unevenly as the outside comes to temperature quicker than the middle of the frozen. Always measure the temperature on the inside of the Salmon or the thickest portion of the Salmon before serving to ensure that it’s not cold in the middle.

The advantages of frozen fish

It’s possible to consider frozen fish degraded from freshly caught Salmon. There’s no reason to be worried about the freezer! It’s among the most valuable tools available in the kitchen, and fish is only one of many items that can be made more delicious by freezing.
You might not be aware of this; however, those “fresh” fish you buy at the market has often been frozen before, and you must consume them quickly.
It is easier to purchase frozen Salmon efficiently, as freezing slows the growth of bacteria and ensures your fish doesn’t get spoiled quickly. It is possible to keep Salmon in the freezer for up to 6 months before it begins to lose its value. It’s ready to cook at any time you’re ready!
Also, freezing conserves the nutrients essential to our health, such as fat, protein, and fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin D and vitamins A. If you think frozen Salmon is healthy, The answer is affirmative! It’s even considered to be a superfood!


The Salmon can take about 7-8 minutes to cook if cooked fresh. Salmon is cooked when it is cooked to 145°F. If the fillets you cooked were dense and thicker, you might have to cook them for a couple more minutes. Always test the internal temperature using a digital thermometer to ensure. It is possible to use skin-on or skin-off Salmon. Cook the Salmon until it is cooked on the skin to get the best crispness.
Each air fryer has different wattages and produces different amounts of food. It is possible to alter the temperature or time to achieve optimal outcomes.

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