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Send Large Video Files From Iphone To Android?

Are you in possession of a massive file with a size of more than 1GB that you want to transfer or send to another device? With the latest high-resolution videos available, you can now share them being available in the form of GB (Gigabytes).

Big email companies such as Gmail cannot send these massive files, and neither do WhatsApp or Facebook, so you have to search for alternative ways to transfer large amounts of data onto other gadgets.

These are apps that are specifically designed and cloud-based services that can be used to transfer large documents from iPhone to Android or PC. This post will look at ways you can share large videos or files through an iPhone onto other gadgets.

How can I send longer-length footage from your iPhone onto an Android phone via the cloud service?

There are many cloud services to choose from, and Google Drive is one. Google Drive is a superb option due to its simplicity of use and the fact that it’s completely free (up to a specific amount of information).

To share a file on the device on your iPhone onto an Android phone using Drive first, download the free Drive app, or open it if you already have it.

1. In the Drive app, tap the vibrant + (+) symbol located in the bottom of the right-hand corner, followed by tapping “Upload.”

2. Then, click “Photos and Videos”, then select the Video you wish to share in the iPhone library.

3. Transfer the files, and then search for the Video in the folder on your Drive by searching for the most recent videos.

4. Click the three dots next to the file, select share, and type in your email address for that Android user.

How can I transfer photos from an iPhone to Android via a PC

There is a chance that you don’t wish to erase your mobile data or want to transfer pictures from iPhone to Android. Yes, you can do this using your personal computer. Like the standard “drag-and-drop” method, you can share photos and videos between the two devices. You have to connect them using the USB cables, and you’ll have your job done in just a few minutes.

Start your computer, and connect your iPhone or Android to it via USB cables.

Launch on the PC, open File Explorer and navigate to My Computer. There are two storage options beneath Portable Devices – one for the iPhone and one for Android.

Right-click to open both the iPhone storage and the Android storage on separate windows.

Look for the DCIM folder in the iPhone storage. That’s the location where you’ll see your images on your iPhone.

Choose all the images you wish to transfer onto Android. Drag them out of the iPhone storage into your preferred location on Android. You can also try the copy-paste technique if that’s your preference.

Send Large Files Using the “PhotoSync” App

While PhotoSync isn’t a free iOS app, you can pay $3.99 to make a single purchase and then use the app on different devices. PhotoSync is among the most reliable apps for cross-platform file transfers that can transfer considerable files to iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC by using the Wi-Fi network in your area rather than Bluetooth or other options for connectivity. It comes with several valuable features, such as:

Automatically Backup Photos & Videos to the Computer

Transfer files between mobile phones and tablets via Wi-Fi

Intelligent transfer (Transfers only the latest photos)

Backup your videos and photos to your cloud account or external storage device, and more

Transfer Files using Dropbox

In addition to Google Drive, Dropbox also offers a reliable cloud storage service. Additionally, you can utilize it to move files over from iPhone onto Android. It is necessary to download Dropbox for both platforms via both app stores for the first time. In the next step, you’ll need an established network and create an account with a Dropbox account. If you’re prepared now, let’s begin!

Download Dropbox across both mobile devices, and log in with your Dropbox account.

In your Dropbox mobile app for iPhone, navigate to the directory or folder to which you want to save the file.

Tap the + button located at the lower right of your screen, then choose the Upload option.

Select the files you’d prefer to share on your Android phone and upload it.

You must wait for the files to upload. After that, you will be able to sign into the same account using your Android to download the files. If you don’t want to, you can opt to share the file only with another Android user:

Press the 3-dot symbol on the file, then select the Copy link.

The link will appear immediately copied to your clipboard. Then, you can SHARE it to the Android user to browse or download any files.

How do I transmit a too large video to be played on Android?

How to Send Large Videos on Android Through Text or Email

Step 1: Start Google Drive on your Android. …

Step 2. Download Video Compress from the Google Play Store. …

Step 3: Choose the Video that you wish to compress.

4. Tap Compress Video to shrink the size of your Video. …

Step 5:¬†Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. …

Step 6. Click on Video in the sidebar to your left.

Large files can be uploaded using cloud services.

From: iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.

To: Any device

Works: Wirelessly

Distance: Sender and recipient could be located anywhere that has Internet access.

Another method of sending large files using your iPhone is using cloud-based storage options such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, etc. All you have to do is upload your files to these platforms using the app available on the iPhone and then utilize the features in the app to share them with the people you know, family, colleagues or anyone else.

Bottom Line

After reading this article and reading this article, we hope you’re not in any doubt regarding how to transfer Video on iPhone into Android. Furthermore, the most efficient way to transfer iPhone videos and different files onto Android is to use AnyDroid specifically because there is no size limit.

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