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How to share Wi-Fi on Mac

If you’re experiencing a shortage of storage space on your iPhone or your local Wi-Fi connection doesn’t have the connectivity you want, you could consider changing your Mac into the Wi-Fi Hotspot to connect the internet connection with your iPhone’s most effective solution. Here’s how you can connect Wi-Fi from your Mac to your iPhone (or perhaps Android)

Occasionally, your Wi-Fi service cannot connect to the internet you want. Maybe you’re at work, and your Wi-Fi isn’t capable of handling many iPads or iPhones using it and slows your browsing down to the point of a slow crawl (or the boss is deciding to alter your password for the same reason).

How do you share your Wi-Fi password using devices like your iPhone, iPad, or iPod?

Find out how you can connect your Wi-Fi network password with your family and friends.

Before you begin

Check that both devices are running the most recent version of iOS or iPadOS as well as macOS High Sierra or later.

Both devices switch on Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth. If one device is equipped with a Personal Hotspot on, turn it off.

Log into iCloud using an Apple ID. Check that the email address you’ve used to sign in with the Apple ID is saved in the contacts of the other user. Make sure you’ve got their email address on your contact list.

The other person’s device should be close by and within Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range.

Create a Personal Hotspot on iPhone

Click Settings > Cellular and then tap Create Personal Hotspot. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Notification: If you do not have the Set Your Hotspot option and Cellular Data is enabled within Settings > Cellular, contact your carrier regarding including a Personal Hotspot in your plan.

You can modify the settings below:
  • Modify the password for Wi-Fi on your Hotspot by going into Settings, Personal Hotspot, and then WiFi Password.
  • Switch off Personal Hotspot and disconnect devices by going to Settings and selecting Personal Hotspot, then turn off the ability for others to join.
  • If you configure your iPhone to use 2 SIMs, Personal Hotspot uses the SIM you choose for cellular data. (See the instructions for setting up the Dual SIM.)

How do you share your WiFi password using devices like your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch?

  • Find out how you can share your Wi-Fi password with family and friends.
  • How do you create a Mac Wi-Fi hotspot without Ethernet?
  • Unfortunately, your Mac isn’t able to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi via WiFi… or unless you have an extra accessory.

The Mac’s built-in network card can be connected to WiFi or manage its networks, and customers may purchase a Wi-Fi adapter, allowing only one network interface to receive the Wi-Fi signal while another broadcasts it. You can utilize a dongle, such as the newish AC Dual Band Wireless USB WiFi adapter that costs PS11.99 from Amazon and is available here.

Once the Wi-Fi adapter has been installed, plugged in, and connected, follow the instructions above and choose one of the two Wi-Fi adapters instead of the Ethernet connection you used in the previous step.

How do I share the Internet from Mac through Bluetooth? iPhone via Bluetooth

If you do not possess an Ethernet connection, you can still connect your devices to the internet -sharing the internet via Wi-Fi on Mac with Bluetooth. This may not be the best web browsing method, as Bluetooth isn’t the fastest option. However, it is a viable option when there aren’t any other options.

Here’s how you can create a Mac Wi-Fi hotspot without Ethernet:

Check to see if Bluetooth is on your Mac and your iPhone.

Connect with your Mac (listed under Additional Devices) to your iPhone through Bluetooth through Settings Bluetooth. You may be asked to enter an identifier when connecting devices.

  • On your Mac, Go to System Preferences and Sharing
  • Within the “from” field, choose WiFi. For the “to” field, select PAN Bluetooth.
  • Incorporate Apple IDs into the Contacts App. Add Apple IDs to the Contacts

For Wi-Fi password sharing to function between your and another person’s iPhone and Mac, Your Apple ID should be saved in the other’s Contacts app, and the other person’s Apple ID should be held in yours.

If you both have a good relationship, you likely do at present, so go straight onto the “Send or receive WiFi Password” Section. If not, follow these steps to create a new contact card or alter an existing one on the iPhone or Mac.

How do I transfer my password from my Mac to my iPhone?

Transferring your WiFi password to your Mac and iPhone is much simpler than remembering the password. Here’s how you can do it.

Still, need help?

  • If you can still not connect to Wi-Fi, take these steps: make sure you test each step.
  • If you don’t see the animation for setting up, you need to restart the devices and try again.
  • If you cannot share the Wi-Fi password with anyone else, make another person sign in with the password by hand.

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