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Symbols of Fearlessness

What are the Symbols Of Courage?

Courage is the ability to confront. This power is used to face negatives such as fear, pain and obstacles. See What Does 42 Mean?

People strive to be courageous in all aspects of their lives. They love the symbol of courage being represented in their religions and cultures. These are some famous symbols that symbolize courage.

  • Lion,
  • bear,
  • Eagle,
  • Red,
  • Dagger,
  • Borage,
  • Golden Fish,

What is the symbol of BraveryBravery?

Throughout history, symbols have been used to simplify complex ideas and concepts. Different cultures have different symbols for BraveryBravery.

Native Americans see the bear as a symbol of strength. The symbol of Bravery in India and the Middle East is the Lion. In Europe, the Boar symbolizes the same.

The javelin, for Romans, is a symbol representing BraveryBravery.

Okoye Mmowere, a Western African symbol of BraveryBravery and strength, is used in West Africa.

Many of these symbols are supported by diverse cultures. The cultures choose these symbols based on their artistic, historical, and geographical beliefs. (See what does Pepega stand for?)


Lions, also known as the King of the Jungle or the Jungle, symbolizesymbolize courage and BraveryBravery. They are easy to recognize in many cultures. Because the Lion is the highest predator in Africa’s savanna, it is fearless and will chase after its prey.

The association between lions and courage dates back thousands of years. The Egyptians used lions to symbolizesymbolize courage and as protectors. The Egyptian goddess Sekhmet is also known as the Eye of Ra. Therefore, they associate lions and the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet. Egyptians believe Sekhmet used her power to protect the weak and banish evil.

Hindus see lions as protectors. This is because they use these magnificent creatures to represent Vishnu (one of their Holy Trinity members).

Ancient Greeks associated lions and gods such as Artemis, Dionysus, and Apollo with lions. They also believed that gods like Apollo, Artemis, or Dionysus used lions for their chariots. This representation shows that lions are guardians of homes, guardians for the dead, and guardians over shrines and thrones.


The bear is associated with strength and courage among many North American Natives. It was also known as the protector and symbol of the animal kingdom.

Two warriors in certain tribes were known as grizzlies. They would charge at their enemies first.

Some natives believed that the bear had immense spiritual power.

It was possible to draw the power of the animal by touching it, wearing its parts or dreaming about it.


The mythical gryphon, another animal, included in this list of symbols of courage, is also included. The legendary Griffin is a mythical creature with the body and wings of a lion as well as the head and wings of an eagle. Gryphons have been believed to protect treasures and personal possessions since the Middle Ages.

The combination of the qualities of lions and eagles makes gryphons believed to embody courage, wisdom, and boldness. Because gryphons symbolizesymbolize military strength, courage, and leadership, they are often depicted with wings spread out and their paws ready to strike.


The eagle is a powerful and large symbol many cultures revere because of its sacred status.

The North American natives venerated the bird because it was associated with honour, strength and wisdom.

Many native tribes had a tradition of awarding their warriors an eagle feather when they won a battle or were particularly brave in war. (2)

The eagle was compared to Christ across the Atlantic in the Christian West and became a symbol for the leader. (3)

This may have been why many Western kingdoms or duchies included the eagle in their heraldry.


Red is the most representative colour of courage among all the colours in the spectrum. This is why flags often use the colour red. However, red can also denote anger, danger, or destruction.


In heraldry, daggers (or any other short knife) are used to symbolizesymbolize courage. Daggers are believed to be brave as they allow close combat.


Borage is small and covered with prickly white hair. It produces star-shaped flowers in shades of blue. Although it can be considered a weed, the flowers are very beneficial. They attract bees and make honey.

Its name derives from “cargo”, Latin for “I bring courage”. Celtics used to drink borage before going to war, believing it would increase their courage. Roman warriors ate the leaves and flowers. Knights of the Middle Ages wore pieces of clothing with images of borage flowers to feel more daring.

Although it isn’t a very popular flower, the borage is strongly associated with courage and BraveryBravery. In addition, it makes beautiful jewellery with nature-inspired motifs.

Golden Fish

The Buddhist symbol of the golden Fish is courage, freedom and contentment. Because they can swim freely in the water, despite being threatened by larger Fish and traps, this results from their behaviour.

Because of its graceful appearance, many Asian countries see the golden Fish as a carp. The carp symbolizes strength and perseverance for the Chinese as it swims against currents. Chinese legends say that the carp transforms into the sacred Celestial Dragon after overcoming the last obstacle in the Yellow River.

Wrapping up

The symbols representing courage and resilience are a powerful reminder of these amazing qualities. Moreover, these symbols of resilience and courage can inspire people to take action and remain strong in facing adversity.

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