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Top 10 Market Research Companies

Please find out the market’s top performers with our comprehensive listing of the most reputable Market Research Companies. They have made an image for themselves by offering relevant and valuable information to companies that want to stay ahead of competitors. Their goal is to provide businesses with an understanding of their customer base and the competitive landscape by performing various tasks ranging from surveys of consumers to market analysis. We will look at the most prominent market research companies in-depth and learn what makes them stand different from their competitors.

Gartner 4.25 billion

Marketing company Gartner Research edges out IQVIA by a small margin, with 4.25 billion dollars in revenues in 2019. The company was established in 1972 and has been constantly providing leaders in the industry with information since. Gartner Research’s primary focus is consultancy work and utilizes a distinct subscription model. The cost of a subscription can range from the company between $20-30K annually to access the research of Gartner Research alone. Analytics can increase the price by between $10 and $20K.

The Gartner subscription is well worth the cost. The company has access to a vast growing database of research information and data and almost 2300 experts. What you’ll get is contingent on the amount you’re willing and able to afford in the first place.


Attest is among the most reputable market research firms across the US. Its consumer-focused platform allows you to collect information from more than 125 million respondents from 58 other countries. It is possible to use Attest for marketing research, advertising, consumer profiling, market analysis, and so much more!

Every customer of Attest can avail of the most knowledgeable research tips from their internal Customer Research Team. If you’re beginning your research and require some help or are a professional needing a new set of eyes to review your research, attest’s Customer Research Team is here to help.

Alongside short surveys and swift answers, this service also comes with an intuitive dashboard of results which transforms data into captivating narratives. Surveys can be sent regularly to observe changes in responses or to compare the responses of two groups. Expert assistance is just a few clicks at a time if you need more clarification about the tools you use for market research and achieving market research goals.


Specialists offer the required information for the customers to learn about their health, health, and well-being. Proactive data acquisition opens new ways to correct the mistakes that have occurred and bring your business beyond the cost. This is not simply a consultation but a precise method based on artificial intelligence to conduct global analyses. Most prominent clients include Euronics, Kvik, etc. The central office is located in Nuremberg, Bavaria. Wilhelm Vershofen created the idea for the business, and six experts now run it.


The group of this research firm offers high-quality data gathering and analysis and shares recent innovations regarding processing data. The brand-new customer contact points will strengthen and expand the business. The agency’s achievements and creative strategies allow the company to work with customers like Adobe, Google, Yahoo, Pinterest, etc. The president Kirk Perry is Kirk Perry; the company has its headquarters in Chicago.


NewtonX is the most reputable B2B research firm. We conduct large-scale quantitative surveys, assist with interviews with qualitative content, conduct lengthy consultations, and design custom research strategies.

We employ the most powerful technology in the research business to accomplish this: the NewtonX Knowledge graph. It’s an AI-driven, proprietary search engine that scours 1.1 billion professionals across 140 fields to identify the right person to address all kinds of questions. Our team of experts ensures that every person has been verified 100 and you can base your work on data that is not fraudulent and take crucial business decisions in confidence.

Fieldwork Network

Our strengths include the following:

  • Nationwide and local recruitment.
  • Managing and conducting Mock Juries.
  • Medical / Medical Devices (complimented with the Medical Simulation and Human Factors laboratory).
  • Global Research.

For more than 40 years, Fieldwork has recruited the top quality medical, business and consumer participants. Fieldwork recruits through and beyond our nationwide and local databases, allowing you to connect with potential clients. We are a firm believer in a custom method of recruiting.


Nielsen is a worldwide company for performance management that gives complete knowledge of what people watch and purchase. Established in 1923, Nielsen has since grown into one of the leading companies in consumer information, market research, and business intelligence.

Nielsen aids companies in understanding the impact of their customers’ behaviour by providing analytics based on data to understand consumer behaviour patterns, preferences, and trends. The insights provided by Nielsen help business and marketing professionals make better choices about their products or services as well as investing.

Nielsen offers an extensive range of analytics and data-related services that include consumer panel surveys, customized research including digital measurement, model of the marketing mix as well as brand health tracking advertising effectiveness studies, TV ratings, and many more.

Market Research Company Types

Companies conducting market research can be big corporate firms, small companies, or specific businesses. Most of them are classified according to the customers they sign into consideration rather than their market research activities.

#1) Market research firms that are syndicated. These firms study the requirements of the market and make their report accordingly. They are designed intended for the public market rather than specific businesses.

#2) A custom market research company These firms provide an analysis of the market that is customized to meet clients’ needs.

#3) A specialist market research company with a particular focus can be classified under this type. These firms perform deep analyses of customers’ specific requirements. For example, they are conducting feasibility studies of the soon-to-launch of a trial product.

#4) Research firm for online market They are thought to benefit bloggers, marketers on the web, and online e-commerce websites. They can connect brands or website owners with the users they want to communicate with and conduct online analysis simultaneously.

What is the most effective agency for market research?

If you’re searching for a company to conduct market research, You want one committed to being as open as possible. It would help if you inquired about the method they use and what their budget is. Though it could be counter-productive to include a company’s name on the report, it’ll aid in gaining a better comprehension of the market you want to target. It would help if you looked for a firm with expertise in your industry. An organization with a history of operation for several years will have greater insight into your clients’ requirements. They will also be able to communicate their findings clearly and precisely.

The quality of the product is equally important. Market research can be sensitive to time. Any delay can cost you valuable time. Businesses need to work on essential decision-making processes to take, and delays in reports can cause them to be left behind. Find a research company with an experienced project manager who keeps you up to date on the progress of your research project. Also, it is an excellent choice to pick a firm with a wide range of strategies and programs for conducting research. You should select an organization that can adapt the research strategy to meet your requirements.

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