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unable to connect to samsung server

If you’re having difficulty connecting with the Samsung server There are some options you could try. The first step is to determine whether you can determine if the Samsung server is not working and if it is affecting the connection. If your Samsung server is operating properly Close any running applications that are using your internet connection. You can then start your system. If the TV’s restart doesn’t work, you might have to upgrade the security software installed on your device, or call Samsung for help.

In this case, for instance, you’re having an issue with error number 198 while connecting to the server. This indicates that there is not a connection to your Internet and the server or that something is not working on your home network.

If you’ve ever encountered the “Unable to connect to the Samsung server error message, you’re not the only one. This is among the most frequently encountered issues on Samsung Smart TVs and users across the globe have found this article very helpful.

How to Fix Samsung TV Unable to Connect to Server

As mentioned earlier, you can fix the issue of not being able to access the Samsung server 189 problem on your smart TV.

We’ve tested a variety of ways to solve the problem. Here are a few ways to eliminate the Unable to Connect to Samsung server problem:

Soft Reset Samsung Tv

A soft reset of your smart tv will stop all background tasks. This is the process of restarting the device. The goal is to end all programs and erase the data from RAM.

If the device is not functioning properly and is causing problems, Here’s how to conduct a soft reset

Hold the long press on your television remote.
Release the button after the TV is ready to reboot.
After the TV has finished booting, you can check if an error still exists.

Signing out of Samsung Account

  • Navigate to Settings>General>System Manager>Samsung Account.
  • Choose “My Account” and then hover over the icon of your account.
  • Click your “Select” button on your remote, and then click”Sign In” or the “Sign Out” button from the window that appears.
  • Now, reset the Smart HUB once your account is closed with the second method.
  • Log into Your Samsung Account on your computer and then confirm any terms and conditions, or prompts.
  • Once your Smart Hub has reset in your home, log into your account again and determine if the issue is common.

Change DNS Server

To correct the issue for a solution, you must change the DNS server on your TV. To test your network, you must first click on the Menu button on the TV remote. Next, choose Network and determine if it’s connected to an established wireless network or is disconnected.

You aren’t able to access the Internet even when you’re connecting to the network wirelessly. This could be because of your connection issue and you’ll likely get a notification that states that you’re connected to the network, but it’s not the Internet.

Update the TV Software

The outdated firmware will most likely be the cause of the issue. The outdated software that is installed on your device can cause compatibility issues and may cause issues with the most recent features. If you haven’t updated the outdated firmware in a while, then follow these steps for updating the firmware on Samsung Smart TV. Samsung Smart TV:

Then, turn on your Samsung TV and from your TV remote, select Settings
Utilizing the left and an OK key, click the arrow until you click to select the support option.
Then, under the settings menu, click on the update software option to make sure that the software is updated to the most recent version.
If you aren’t able to access the update option for your software or download the program from its official manufacturer’s website with a USB drive, then plug the USB stick into your television and install the software.

Then click the Yes button, and install the most recent version of your software. Or you can choose NO to update it via the internet. When you’re done with the Updation make sure that your issue whether it is solved or not or moves on to the next solution.

Reset Samsung SmartHub

A factory reset can be a last resort to solving problems and returning your smart home to functioning condition. If you’re experiencing issues with your home automation device, you may use your Smart Hub to perform a factory reset to start from new settings. It will erase the saved in-app settings as well as personal preferences.

Reset the Smart Hub of Your Samsung TV:

  • Click the Settings button (the buttons on the remote with the gear icon)
  • Select Support
  • Select Self Diagnosis
  • Click Reset Smart Hub
  • Enter your TV’s 4-digit PIN (this is “0000” unless you’ve changed it before).

Once this step is completed After this step is completed, your Smart Hub will be reset. You can now join the Samsung TV to the internet and reconnect it by clicking the “Connect Device” button in the Home Screen Menu.

Network Reset

Navigate to Settings>General>Network.
Click”Reset Network” or the “Reset Network” button and follow any prompts shown at the end of the screen.
Allow the network to be reset, and then determine if the inability access to the Samsung Server issue still exists.

Contact Technician

If all methods are failing, then the issue lies with the smart TV itself. It could be due to a hardware or software defect. Most technicians can identify the problem and resolve it. But this can cost you a little. If you’re having this issue with your newer smart TVs, you can avail of a no-cost service.

Final Thoughts

Server issues typically get resolved by themselves, so patience is the key to success.

Make sure you wait at least a couple of hours before trying to reset your TV’s settings factory or calling Samsung customer service.

To make the life of Samsung support easier and aid them in finding a solution for your fast, locate your model’s number on the Samsung TV and tell them what it is.

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