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What Are RTP And Volatility In Online Slots?

Most gamblers visit online casinos not only for entertainment purposes but also in order to significantly replenish their budget. In order to get the maximum amount of winnings with a minimum level of costs, it is necessary to choose the right slot machine. Experienced players already have their favorites, and beginners still have to make this difficult choice. When selecting slots, special attention should be paid to the following indicators: volatility and an RTP rate. 

What are the Features of RTP?

An RTP rate is expressed as a percentage and means the approximate percentage of payback that is expected from the game in the long run. Therefore, the higher the RTP rate is, the more chances a player has to get real winnings in the future process of the game. Developers warn that this indicator works just in the long-term perspective, that is, the number of spins can be big. Do not put all the money on the first spin because it is possible to lose a large sum in this way, even when playing slots with the highest RTP rate. 

Another important indicator is volatility, which is responsible for the frequency of combinations that bring gamblers the winnings. It should be understood that the game is influenced by randomness, so the real winnings may differ from the theoretical value. 

Volatility and RTP rates are calculated approximately per one million spins.

Winnings in a Fair Casino

The combinations in any game are randomly formed. It is so because the slot machine is controlled by a random number generator, so the result of the game will always be fair and unbiased. It is subject to the theory of probability at most, which means that each spin is autonomous and has no direct connection to previous or future spins. 

Slot machines that generate jackpots are very popular among gamblers. They are also called progressive. In such cases, the RTP rate can be of two types

The RTP rate of the main gameIt is applicable to winnings that are paid for the combinations during spins of the main game
The RTP rate of jackpot drawMost often it is quite an impressive amount, it is received by a small number of players.

More information about volatility and RTP of slot machines can be found here: 

Mathematical basis applicable to the development of a particular slot machine is used to calculate the relevant RTP rate. The gambler should initially understand that the result of such calculation is linked to an unlimited number of bets. The game stimulator with about one million spins is used to calculate the RTP rate. 

If we consider specific figures, slot machines with a high RTP rate have it about 98%. A low rate is 91%, and a medium one is 95%. This indicator will help a gambler choose the most profitable slot. 

Volatility Features

Volatility data should also be taken into account when choosing a game. First of all, it means the ratio of winnings and their frequency. 

The essence of this indicator is the following: certain mathematical formulas that determine the payout of winnings are included during the development of the algorithm of slot machines.

Some slots pay out large sums, though less often. This means a high volatility index.

Others pay smaller amounts but do it much more often. This is relevant gameplay with low volatility.

Developers often use the following words to describe volatility:

  • Low means low volatility index;
  • Med means a medium one, which is about 95%;
  • High means high volatility above 98%.

When choosing a slot machine, you should prefer only licensed casinos,. If there is no license, neither the RTP rate nor volatility will be of great importance because no one can guarantee that winnings will be paid out to gamblers. The relationship between volatility and RTP rate is not always there.  The volatility index can have any value even if the RTP rate is high. 

Can the RTP Indicator Change?

Some casinos allow their visitors to change the RTP, which is quite convenient in certain cases. Some developers allow the platforms to choose the RTP rate. This is the very reason behind the fact that one game may have different RTP rates from one platform to another. This value can be changed by the developer when the software is updated. This figure can be made higher or lower. 

However, most often the RTP rates are still consistent with each other for the same slot machines in different casinos. More often developers change RTP in those online games that have demonstrated a high level of payouts, thereby damaging the economy of the gambling establishment. Gamblers can easily find out about changes in this rate by simply looking at the paytable or referring to the help desk.

Impact of the RTP Rate on Bonuses

The impact of the RTP rate on winnings in bonus rounds or spins is relevant for some slots in the casino. Sometimes the RTP rate for bonus rounds can be slightly higher than for the main game. In order to catch the correlation, the gambler needs to read the rules of the game before registering. Also, sometimes the RTP rate is influenced by the country where the gambler is located. 

Also, there are games at online casinos where the bonus is not directly related to the RTP rate but can be affected by other factors, such as bet amount. 

In any case, games with the highest RTP rates are very popular with gamblers. However, when choosing a slot machine, it is also worth considering its theme, storyline, user-friendly interface, and applicable bonus programs. 

In order to understand more about the concept of an RTP rate and volatility, gamblers can test any favorite slot machine in free demo mode. In this case, there is no need to register or deposit funds to your account, and the rules of the game, as well as the possibility of winning, are exactly the same as in the paid version. However, the withdrawal of winnings, in this case, is impossible.

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