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What Are The Top 10 Pizza Chains

2020-2021 has proven extremely successful for pizza franchise businesses across the USA, particularly those with established delivery services. If you’re seeking a lucrative industry that can provide an immediate return on your investments, look no further. This is a pizza franchise that is backed by proven ideas for businesses. Which is the most suitable franchise for your needs? The first step is to align your goals with the budget you have set. Pizza franchise prices vary between $1000 and 2 million. Investing large capital in a globally recognized name will be worth it.
On the other hand, launching an inexpensive pizza franchise isn’t as risky and can grow over time. Take a look at the type of kind of format and services your firm provides. Do you want to operate the walk-in restaurant for Pizza, provide a drive-through or delivery service, or combine all of these? Then, you should review the requirements of the franchisee. Pizza franchises that are the best offer solid support that makes your job simpler and more smooth.


1.Domino’s Pizza. Headquarters: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Sales per year: $17.8 billion
Number of U.S. stores: 6,708

Domino’s is the most popular pizza chain worldwide concerning revenue and is second regarding locations that have been opened.

It boasts more than 15,900 stores in 85 countries.

Domino’s was among the pioneers to introduce the idea of quick pizza delivery, with their famous “30 mins or less” guarantee.

Today, their standards have been adopted as an expectation across the industry that all pizza chains must meet to be competitive.

It’s fascinating to note that most of Domino’s revenues don’t originate from direct sales of Pizza. However, it comes from selling components like dough or toppings to franchisees and other chains.

Selling ingredients as part of their business accounts for 81% of their overall income.

2.Pizza Hut. Headquarters: Piano, Texas

Yearly revenue of $13 billion
Number of U.S. stores: 6,536

Pizza Hut and Domino’s are the dominant players in more than 50% of the United States pizza market.

The company was founded in 1958. Carney brothers spotted the absence of pizza joints in their neighborhood and saw an opportunity.

After borrowing $600 from their mom and father, their brother opened their first Pizza Hut and offered free Pizza for the first night of the opening.

Their one-store has now grown to more than 18,703 outlets, which makes it the world’s largest pizza chain anywhere in the world.

The business differentiates itself from its primary competitor, Domino’s, by focusing on novelty and affordability.

Like every other restaurant chain, Pizza Hut tries to create and promote new, innovative pizza ideas like pan pizzas and stuffed crusts to stay interesting and current for the consumer’s mind.

3.Little Caesars. Headquarters: Detroit, Michigan

Sales per year: gross $4 billion
The total number of U.S. stores: 4,170

You may be shocked to find out the fact that “Little Caesars” did not originally mean the Roman rulers but Marian Ilitch’s co-founder’s favorite name for her husband.

Little Caesars’ competitive edge is the price of its pizzas and its speedy delivery.

With a focus on simpler ingredients and smaller locations with lower overheads, The chain can sell pizzas in similar sizes for just half or less than the prices of similar stores.

There’s an excellent reason that when you spot college students with pizzas and ice cream, it’s generally Little Caesars.

The famous catchy slogan “Pizza! Pizza!” was originally a promotional offer to promote the Pizza restaurant chain’s “two pizzas with the cost of one” proposal in 1979.

4.Papa John’s Pizza. Headquarters: Louisville, Kentucky

Annual sales of gross: $2.1 billion
The total number of U.S. stores: 3,164

Papa John’s Pizza was founded in 1984. It was based many years later than other giant pizza chains.

But the company still needs to gain a huge following and expand nationwide, with 5,199 outlets by the beginning of 2021.

It was largely due to their being the first company to provide an online ordering option, thus attracting the attention of every customer who needed Pizza but wanted to avoid making a phone call or going to a shop.

Papa John’s was also one of the first companies to be aware of the increasing demand for healthy, fresh ingredients.

Although many of its rivals’ slogans focus on their price or speed of delivery, Papa John’s has used “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza” to focus on the freshness of their food.

Since its inception, the chain has been losing some market shares. This could be due to the company’s business choices and the many ongoing controversies regarding the founding.

Papa John’s is the most well-known among major American pizza chains that prefer local brands.

While the top pizza chain within Nebraska and Iowa are exclusive to the state, Papa John’s manages to sneak into the top two positions.

5.Papa Murphy’s. Headquarters: Vancouver, Washington

Annual sales of a gross of $827 million
The total number of U.S. stores: 1,162

Papa Murphy’s business is to deliver customers the best possible pizza experience.

The chain was among the first and is still very few to utilize the “take-and-bake” idea.

Instead of taking the order and picking up Pizza that is already cooked, the customers get a fresh pizza that they can take home to bake at home.

The time lags between when Pizza comes freshly baked and when guests can enjoy the first bite of delicious Pizza.

Papa Murphy’s Pizza commits so strongly to its unique take-and-bake concept that its locations aren’t equipped with freezers or ovens.

It is the most well-known pizza shop in some states, for instance, Oregon.

6.Marco’s Pizza. Headquarters: Toledo, Ohio

Gross annual sales of $3 billion
The total number of U.S. stores: 1,153

Ironically, although Pizza’s history is rooted in Italy, Marco’s Pizza is the only company trying to connect its Pizza with Italian culture.

The restaurant is a specialist but has a huge fan base.

It is because of its creator, Pasquale Giammarco, an Italian native with a degree in culinary arts and a constant love for Pizza.

Marco’s Pizza separates itself from its competitors by striving to stay true to the Italian style of Pizza.

This element is a major aspect of their advertising initiatives, as the vice president of buying stated, “We are the only chain created by a man who was raised and born on the Italian coast. Italy.”

Marco’s Pizza also makes sure to serve only items that have been freshly cut from the moment they are purchased instead of stored in bulk and then packaged.

7.Mod Pizza. Headquarters: Bellevue Washington

Gross annual sales $398 million
Number of U.S. stores: 556

MOD Pizza was started by Scott and Ally Svenson in 2008. MOD is a reference to “Made by Demand.” Scott and Ally thought of a new method for consumers to enjoy Pizza. MOD lets people pick how they would like to prepare their Pizza.

MOD Pizza is loaded with over 40 toppings and 8 final sauces, and eight delicious dressings that can be used to create any pizza combo you want.

MOD Pizza is committed to using its platform for charitable causes, which MOD employees feel passionate about. Their fundraising program connects youth sports, local charities, and school clubs that offer fundraising opportunities to benefit the community.

8.Cici’s Pizza. Headquarters: Irving, Texas

Annual sales of gross $80 million
Number of U.S. stores: 300

Cici’s Pizza is similar to Chuck E Cheese’s Pizza in how they mix Pizza and the game.

In addition to a pizza bar, Each Cici’s Pizza has arcades and other facilities that permit guests to enjoy food and drink in a casual and fun setting.

Though the business is focused on offering fun activities to families of all ages instead of just children, they offer various activities for kids.

Like, Cici’s has a “Lunch Learn” field trip plan using Pizza making as an enjoyable way to help kids learn basic concepts in math, such as multiplication and division.

The chain was forced to declare the company’s bankruptcy early in 2021 due to the impact on their business caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

9.Sbarro. Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio

Annual sales of $185 million (domestic excluding. Canada)
Number of U.S. stores: 318

If you’ve been to an enormous mall over the last few decades, you’ve likely encountered a Sbarro.

The restaurant chain was first introduced when Carmela and Gennaro ran the Italian salumeria. The pizzas they served were so well-loved that they were compelled to start a new eatery solely focused on their product.

After the Sbarro brand gained some traction and the business grew, focussing on malls for shopping to stay out of the direct threat of pizza giants like Dominoes and Pizza Hut.

This expansion strategy could result in the chain’s collapse in the coming times.

While the coronavirus epidemic has been cured, the declining number of people who visit shopping malls won’t aid an establishment that is dependent on them to operate.

10.California Pizza Kitchen. Headquarters: Playa Vista, California

Annual sales of gross: $802.6 million
The total number of U.S. stores: 141

California Pizza Kitchen exploded onto the scene thanks to its new concepts, like BBQ and Thai Chicken pizzas.

Even though their revenues are considerably below the four biggest pizza chains, they have an ardent fan base that can not get enough of their original flavor combinations.

California Pizza Kitchen is also distinct in providing its meals in a restaurant environment instead of being a traditional ordering and take-out shop.

They are also focused on producing frozen pizzas, which can sell at the grocery store compared to other pizza chains.

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