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what do polar bears eat in minecraft

Numerous types of mobs can be found in Minecraft, ranging from hostile creatures to cute critters. One animal that has these two aspects is called the Polar Bear! The big, fluffy ball of adorable death is located in the arctic biomes of Minecraft. If you find one, you could be thinking about which food Polar Bears eat in Minecraft.

The answer is to eat raw fish, mainly Cod and Salmon. However, Polar Bears cannot be managed, and feeding them won’t become your new best friend. It is possible to give 2 Polar Bears to cause them to reproduce. This creates a small Polar Bear Cub, which is just as cute.

What kind of food do bears in the game eat? Minecraft

At least as of the time of writing, Polar bears are not allowed to consume any food items in Minecraft. They cannot breed, and there’s no food to keep them from following you. If you kill a polar bear that is an adult, you have the chance of dropping some Raw Cod, but you cannot use that fish on them.


Polar Bears spawn naturally in Minecraft and are located in many winter Biomes. Specifically in Snowy Tundra, Snowy Mountains, and Ice Spike Biomes.

They can spawn in groups of up to 4, which will be one parent when more than two are born, with the other cubs being their own. The most efficient way to locate them is by looking around in snow biomes or using winter seeds.

How to Tame A Polar Bear In Minecraft?

To manage a Polar bear, you have to establish a habitat similar to their biome of cold. The drastic change in the habitat can cause the death of bears. After the cold enough habitat is set up, they can find one in the complex area on its own. If you come across the polar bear holding cubs, you need to avoid them because it could trigger them to react dangerously.

After feeding them a few Salmon salmon, the fish will be able to manage them efficiently and take them to the location you have built for them. It is essential to secure them up as they can be prone to escape if they are left alone.

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