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what does i like your cut g mean

I Like Ya Cut G references a clip where a man talks to the bald child, saying, “I like you cut, G” before hitting his head. This video was remixed and remade several times, making a humorous sound following the slap.

Which is the cut-G?

This meme was created by a viral video of a man saying the words:

“Oh, you playin’ Minecraft? I like your chopped, G.” before beginning to smack one of the children with a hairy grin on the head’s back.

Spread what you like about your cut

The video sparked several remixes throughout the next few months. A popular, uploaded by Essential in January of 2019, garnered more than 1.2 million hits (shown below on the left). One year later, on January 1, 2020, the user LostFire uploaded their version, in which the child shouts after being hit, garnering more than 454,350 views (shown below right).

The remixes grew in popularity through 2021. On June 12, the user’s most excellent turtle uploaded an album that garnered over 197,200 views (shown below on the left). On July 10, the user NxFinity posted a picture of that Valve logo and gained more than 34,660 hits (shown below on the right).

Cut G What exactly is it?

If a person you know is cut in a way that exposes the back part of their neck, a typical method is to say the words “I like your cut” and then hit the neck with as much force as is feasible.

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