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what does sos mean on iphone

Is the SOS icon in your top-right iPhone corner visible? Then you may ask yourself, “Why do I see SOS in the upper-right corner on my iPhone?” Read this article before you make any rash decisions. This article will explain what SOS means in the iPhone status bar and give different solutions to eliminate it. Let’s get started.

Standard calls won’t function, and text messaging won’t allow you to do so. Also, internet-connected data services will not work. It is only possible to make emergency calls from your phone, including police, fire, ambulance, Coastguard, Mountain Rescue, Coastguard, or other similar services.

The “SOS Only’ warning will not affect your iPhone, Apple Watch, or emergency services.

What does SOS (Security Alert) on iPhone mean

SOS in the iPhone status indicates you don’t have a cellular signal and can only use an SOS or text message to contact emergency services. When you lose even SOS on iPhone 13 or older, you’ll notice the note “No service.” iPhone 14 has satellite SOS, and you won’t see that message on your iPhone 14 or later unless you are deep sea diving.

Settings are where you will find the Emergency SOS feature. From there, you can adjust how it works. Turning on the “Call with Hold” can bring up a slide option by pressing and holding both side volume and power buttons. You can choose “Call by 5 Presses”, a feature that dials the emergency services when pressing and holding both side power buttons.

Why Does My iPhone Display “SOS-Only”?

Below are some possible reasons for your iPhone to display the “SOS Only” notification:

1. This message will appear when you are away from a network-covered area.

2. Issues with the carrier: If your provider’s network is having issues or the server has gone down, you will see “SOS Only.”

3. SIM card issue: You may see the message “SOS Only” if you have not inserted your SIM correctly or if it has been damaged.

iOS updates. Sometimes updating iOS on an iPhone can result in network connectivity issues, resulting in the “SOS Only.”

5. When you turn on the plane mode but then need to remember to turn it off again, your iPhone might be unable to connect to the cellular network.

We’ll explore ten ways you can troubleshoot your iPhone and resolve the problem now that we know what causes it to display “SOS Only.”


The steps listed below will turn off SOS exclusively on iPhone if there is no problem with the network.

1. Cellular Data: How to Turn On and Off

Due to a networking error, your iPhone may be in the SOS state. Cellular Data is enabled and disabled to try a brand new connection.

Cellular/Mobile Data will be available under Settings.

Step 2: Disable Cellular Data/Mobile Data.

Wait a few seconds, and then toggle Cellular Data/Mobile Data.

You can use Control Center instead and tap the Cellular Data button to disable the feature. You can enable the feature by tapping it again after a few seconds.

As soon as you see SOS in your device’s status bar, move on to the fix.

Enable Data Roaming

Data roaming may be to blame for SOS messages only appearing on iPhones. Before you leave on a trip, be sure to double-check this setting.

Start the Cellular/Mobile Data Setting.

Tap Cellular Data Options/Mobile Data Options.

Data Roaming can be enabled in Step 3.

Hopefully, instead of “SOS,” you’ll see 5G or 4G in the status bar.

How to Create an Emergency Contact?

Then, tap on your profile pic.

Tap Medical ID.

Then scroll down and click Edit.

You can add emergency contact by clicking the “+.”

Then select a person and add the relationship.

Tap Done if you want to save any changes.

The emergency services can not be used as an SOS contact.

What is the best way to remove your emergency contacts?

Then, tap on your profile pic.

Tap Medical ID.

Then scroll down and click Edit.

Select the contact and tap Delete.

Tap Done (Done) to save all your changes.

Please get in touch with your network service provider.

If you tried every method in this post and your iPhone still lacks network reception, contact your network service provider. Airtel Jio is a significant service provider with customer support centers in India. Locate the closest service center, and bring your AADHAR Card or driver’s license.

How do I remove my iPhone from SOS-only mode?

Ensure you do not have your iPhone in remote locations if you want it to stop being SOS. To remove this issue, restart the phone. Then, go to the Manual Network search and change it back to automatic. Then, reinstall the SIM or reset your Network Settings.

Why does my phone only send SOS messages?

SOS is only active if you do not receive a signal from your iPhone. Apple recently changed the feature No Service into SOS, but only in certain countries. Users can now dial emergency numbers without having a network.

Apple Support

Apple provides technical assistance for problems related to SOS in an emergency. Apple’s service centers are also available from the comfort of your office or home.

Mention that you have an iPhone in SOS, then describe your phone. If your iPhone’s software or hardware is the problem, they can help. If they confirm your issue, you’ll be instructed to take it to an Apple Authorized Store.

Final Words

SOS and SOS alone on iPhone are not significant issues, assuming you own a working handset. Apple’s advice and moving into a different area with cell coverage will fix the problem.

Apple Support can be contacted if you cannot resolve the issue using the above troubleshooting techniques.

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