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what is a level 3 inmate

The first thing to consider is the four levels of security that define the prisoners in California. They are easily identified as Levels 1 2, 3, and 4, in ascending order from low to high security.

Levels 3 and 4 can be described as having the highest security. In both instances, the prison is secured by a perimeter wall or fence. Inmates are kept in cell blocks and there are armed guards in all areas of the prison, which includes the cells as well as the chow halls on the grounds. The main distinction in classification between levels 3 and 4 is the location and layout of cell blocks.

In the Level 3 prison, the cell blocks are located near an outer wall. In Level 4 the cell blocks aren’t. This is related to security in the jail as well as the type of prisoners the CDCR would like to keep there. However, we’ll come to the subject in a minute. Old Folsom which is which was where I lived for a few years and was the focus of several of the stories in this blog was a prison of Level 3 while I lived there.

What do you mean by a level 3 prison?

An institution of Level 3 is considered to be the highest security. Facilities of Level 3 are classified as high-security prisons that house criminals who are violent and have longer sentences and those who have behavioral issues. Housing is comprised of double and single cells. The areas are double-fenced, with an extensive surveillance system.

Furthermore, what is a level 3 prison-like in Virginia? Nottoway Correctional Center. Nottoway Correctional Center opened in 1984. It is an advanced level 3 close-custody correctional facility inside Burkeville Virginia. Its Virginia Correctional Enterprise program employs an 83-strong inmate workforce that manufactures chairs, sofas, and case goods (dressers desks, chests, desks, and more).

Prisons are different. jails

Many people believe that “prison” and “jail” refer to the same thing however they refer to two different elements of our criminal justice system. It is important to be aware of the distinction before diving deeper into the different types of jails that exist in America.

It is the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) clarifies that jails are used to keep inmates for a brief duration, usually as they wait for the outcome of their trials or sentencing.1 Inmate who has committed a misdemeanor, and has been granted a shorter sentence that is less than one year can also spend time in jail.

Prisons are facilities that are specifically designed to house inmates who are serving more than one year. They also house those with more serious criminal convictions like felonies. Another important distinction is that prisons are managed by local authorities which include counties or cities. Prisons on the other hand are managed by the federal or state government.

The Incarceration Process

As an inmate who is under state custody, you’ll move through the criminal justice system in Virginia.

Make Arrest and Determine Sentencing

The police will investigate the crime before making an arrest. If you are arrested, you’ll remain in the local jail for the duration of the process of trial. A judge will determine your sentence.

Assign Security Level and Facility

When you receive an order from the court for sentencing Our staff will review the results of a drug test, conduct an interview, and place your case into any of six levels of security according to your offense as well as your behavior and the time of the sentence.

Your facility assignment will align with your security level classification.

Develop Treatment Plan and Assign Programs

If you are referred to a state institution the counselor will create an individual treatment plan by your requirements. It could comprise several programs. We monitor your progress towards meeting your goals for treatment every year, and we adjust them according to the needs of your clients.

Different Prison Security Levels

Each Federal prison has been classified into one of five levels of security (i.e. minimum low, medium-high, administrative, and minimum). The level of security assigned to a prison determines the security measures that are in place within the institution as well as the ratio of staff to inmates and the rights of inmates. In general, the inmates are placed in facilities that have security classifications that match the security level they are assigned.

Click on the links for each classification level to find out more about the particular security prison. These pages offer more detailed details on the particular Inmate Custody Level.

Types of Institutions in South Carolina


The Level-1 institutions comprise minimum-security facilities that house inmates who have brief sentences or time to serve. The accommodation is typically double bunks that are not fenced boundaries. The operational procedures in Level 1-B facilities offer more security when compared to Level 1 facilities.


The Level 2 institutions are medium-security institutions. Housing is mostly double bunks or cell types with some institutions offering double-bunk cubicles. With a single fence around the perimeter and surveillance via electronic devices, Level 2 institutions offer more security than the level 1 facilities.


Facilities of Level 3 are institutions with high security intended to house violent offenders who have long sentences, as well as inmates with behavioral issues. Housing is made up of double and single cells. All areas are enclosed with robust surveillance by electronic devices. Inmates in the level 3 facilities are monitored closely and their movements and activities within the facility are restricted.

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Breaking Down the Different Types of Prisons in America

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