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which author is normally responsible for sharing reprints of a publication with readers?

Who is usually accountable for sharing reprints from the publication with readers?

Correct Answer: The corresponding author. Comment: The corresponding author is usually accountable for sharing reprints from an article with readers.

What of these accurately describes the procedure that has to take place when conducting research using animals that are covered by US Federal regulations?


The author of the original.


The author of the original publication is typically responsible for sharing reprints of an article with readers.

The co-author is the principal author and is accountable for providing the intellectual contribution to research. He is responsible for permitting the protocols to be adhered to in specific research. The information supplied by the author is considered valid and reliable.


The author who is the corresponding author has the title of the senior author. He is accountable for proofreading, correcting manuscripts, handling revisions, submitting papers, and revising manuscripts until the manuscripts have been accepted.

When research is conducted in conjunction with other organizations, the primary author and the corresponding author are the same. The number of co-authors increases based on the number of supporting hands involved in the research and the principal scientist or collaborator with whom the researcher collaborated.

Related to an obligation:

Every creator must accept full responsibility for the content of their works. When they get original work, the creator acknowledges that those identified as co-creators have acquired consent to the arrangement for distribution and accepts responsibility for adequately incorporating all (and not just) co-creators.

The duties of a creator

Writers and scholars create written content, including specific stories and advertisements for magazines, books, and online publications. Scholars need to establish their authenticity to editors and perusers by thorough research and the use of appropriate resources and sources.

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