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Who Is The Poorest Person In The World

Among the 689 million who live in absolute poverty and earn $1.90 or less per day, one man named Jerome Kerviel is the poorest in the world.

The birth date was the 11th of January 1977 at Pont-l’Abbe, Brittany, France.

Most importantly, the most disadvantaged person on earth is difficult to pinpoint as billions of people struggle to provide necessities; however, if you look through debt, there is the one person that tops the list.

Jerome Kerviel has dropped out of the race, so the pursuit of wealth goes since Kerviel has turned into the worst-case scenario for a wealthy man who becomes poor.

What transpired to Jerome Kerviel was extraordinarily shocking and frightening at the exact moment. Many people can’t stop thinking about how a billionaire might lose their fortune in a matter of minutes.

What Made Him The Poorest Of People?

He was elevated as a junior Trader within the banking institution’s Delta One business in 2005, which encompasses swaps, program trading ETFs, quantitative trade, Index futures. Christian Noyer, the governor of the French central bank, praised his talents as a “computer genius.” His computer abilities, however, were in unresponsible hands since he was able to carry out $73 billion of unauthorized transactions, as well as hacking into computers.

He used these vast sums of cash to invest in arbitrage trading, profiting from two stocks trading at different prices when they ought to have been changing the same rate. In any event, it would have been better to sell the more expensive stock, purchase the less expensive store and wait for prices to be equal. The problem is that margins for profit are generally too small that you’ll require plenty of cash to live comfortably. Thus, Jerome profited from his bank’s weak control to make $73 billion.

It turned out that the bank had only reported the net amount, not the gross amount, which indicates that they only cared about the final sum regardless of whether they were again or gain. Kerviel utilized arbitrage trading to create fake short-position bets and specific real long position bets. The bank separated his bets with false names from his real chances, and $73 billion in trades disappeared like a miracle. If he’d been forced to go on vacation, it would not have been possible. This is why it doesn’t happen as often as it did in the past.

What Is The Net Worth Of Jerome Kerviel In 2021?

Jerome Kerviel has a net worth of -6.7 billion dollars, as he is still in debt to Societe Generale (SocGen), the banks.

Jerome Kerviel is the poorest man on earth at the moment. Some so many people are deficient globally, a more significant percentage struggle to afford food regularly. The story of wealthy Jerome Kerviel, who could not pay for his food due to many debts, is in debate, with many considering him to be the most depraved man on earth.

How Many Poor People Are Living In The World?

1.89 billion people live in poverty around the world, roughly three-quarters of the planet’s population. Based on the World Bank, the world’s poorest people live with less than a dollar every day. The World Bank collects data about people through household surveys. An examination of the person who is the least wealthy on earth reveals an extreme scenario in which rich people become poor, contrary to what many think. If the net worth is anything to judge by, Jerome Kerviel is the most deprived person alive today in the 21st Century, and he could keep this record for many more years.


We have heard that the sentence was three years in prison and two years of a suspended sentence, and he could be required to deposit a part of his income to a fund for the remainder of his life. However, given that he’ll never be able to pay the enormous debt, you could say that he’s the most deprived person in the world.

However, it is difficult to compare his circumstance with the children of African nations, like the Congo, or Asian countries like Cambodia. There are people, both children, and adults who are homeless, and they live on just one dollar a day, with no food, water, no clothes, or shelter.

If you asked them to trade their lives and experiences with J.K. Rowling, I’m sure they’d say yes, because he’s got food, clothing, shelter as well as water and will never be in need.

Jerome Kerviel accumulated more wealth than all countries and regions have ever seen in just one year. Yet, there is the debt of his life that can never be completely paid off.

On paper, Jerome Kerviel may be the poorest human being in the world. However, there are billions of people that can’t afford the necessities.

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