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Why Are You Booing Me I’m Right

The quote is from Hannibal Buress, his co-host during the initial five seasons. In his monologue for The Eric Andre New Year’s Eve Spooktacular, Eric Andre comments President Barack Obama will serve two years left, which led to the audience applauding. Hannibal Buress corrects the host since a full presidency has four years. The audience starts to boo at him, leading to the show’s co-host delivering the line.

The wisdom of the geek Sometimes, the truth isn’t something everybody will enjoy hearing. Even if you share facts and give them evidence that you’re right, some will be who will not change their mind.


In December 2012, The Eric Andre Show was broadcast on “The Eric Andre New Year’s Eve Spooktacular. “[1][2In The opening monologue Eric Andre says he is looking forward to “two more years” of Obama. Buress clarifies him by saying that there would be four years more of Obama’s presidency in which the audience cheers. Buress says, “Why do you want to boo me? I’m right!” (shown below). The video was uploaded to YouTube by Colette Brando Feb in 2015 and has since racked up more than 29,600 views.

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What’s the story behind Why Are You Booing Me? Am I Right?

The quote is directly from “The Eric Andre New Year’s Eve Spooktacular”, first aired in 2012.

In the beginning, Eric is expressing his enthusiasm about “two additional years with Obama”.

Hannibal Then, Hannibal informs Eric that there will be four years under Obama, and the audience starts booing him.

This was when Hannibal declared, “Why do you have to boo me? I’m right.”

Why are you bashing me? I’m the right one.

In the photo, Hannibal Buress says, “Why do you want to boo me? I’m right.”
As mentioned in the post to Know Your Meme (archived link), A image of the video was uploaded on Tumblr by Tumblr user @johncenasmixtape in 2014.
Since then, the image has been utilized as a reaction image.
It wasn’t until 2017 before it began to become a rage for manipulations of the initial image to be produced.

One of the first instances of this manipulation is a blog post in 2017 on user @imgayjokes on Tumblr. The caption was altered to say, “WHY ARE YOU BOOING me? It’s because I’m gay.” (This posting has received more than 50,600 likes.)
In 2017, Tumblr user @candygarnet created a new variant of the meme “WHY are you slapping me? I’m wrong.” (More than 27,600 comments have viewed this posting.)
Then, creating derivatives of the original image gained popularity in 2017.

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