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why did beowulf decide to free the danes from grendel

Hrothgar thinks that Beowulf is headed to Denmark to assist in defense of the mead hall, Heorot, against Grendel. Many years ago, Hrothgar helped his father, Edgetho, end a dispute with another tribe, the Wulflings. According to Hrothgar, who acknowledges that Beowulf is a result of friendship, this, at the very least, is in part the payment of the debt.

Beowulf chose to save Beowulf to save the Danes from the hand of Grendel due to the harm the Danes did to him; they have helped his father during the time of his death. So this is his method of repaying them.

Beowulf is among the most renowned Old English epics of all time and is translated into various languages. Beowulf is regarded as a brave hero and has been an inspiration to many generations. The traits he exhibited, including the qualities of honor, loyalty, courage, and faith, are often featured in the story. In addition, the act of repaying the generosity of those who have helped him during his time of need is an excellent testimony to the virtues of Beowulf.

What was the reason Beowulf took on the dragon?

Beowulf was a formidable fighter in the land of Danes and Geats. Beowulf beats Grendel along with Grendel’s Mother at the beginning of his life. But, in exchange for a reward to the King of the Danes, he decided to take on the Dragon. The Dragon had the most valuable treasure, discovered buried in an underground cave.

What was the reason Beowulf quit his home and went to Denmark?

Beowulf is a journeyer to the country of the Danes to take down the monster, Grendel. He is doing this to aid Hrothgar, who once helped his father. But, he also does this because Beowulf has become an epic hero looking for heroic deeds to do.

Where will where does the Second Battle take place in Beowulf?

2nd battle: Grendel’s mom the next night, after celebrating Grendel’s victory, Hrothgar and his men lay in Heorot. Grendel’s mother is furious because her son was killed vows to take revenge. “Beowulf was somewhere else.

What was the process by which Beowulf journeyed to Denmark?

When he learns his friend Hrothgar has a need, Beowulf chooses to provide his help to repay the favors given to those who helped him to his own family in the past. He sets sail with his men towards the land of the Danes. When Beowulf and his men get to the Danish coast, The Danish Coast-Guard stops them.

Where did the dragon in Beowulf originate?

Beowulf’s Dragon is one of the most famous dragons of Norse Mythology from the epic poem “Beowulf.” It’s also the last monster appearing within the text. In the 2007 film based on the lyrics, the Dragon seems like the shapeshifting Wyvern-like creature. It is the child of Grendel and Beowulf’s Mother.

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