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Why is network provided time wrong

The wrong Time for your Android device can lead you into serious trouble. It can be tardy for an important event or missing your favourite television show.

Even if you have set the correct timing on the Android device, it’s still changing. Let’s take the problem under control using the following suggestions, but remember to test your normal reboot to see if the issue goes away.

How to Fix It When the Time on Your Phone Is Wrong

Restart your Android. It’s usually the answer to the issues above. Restarting the computer is easy and typically resolves problems such as this that it’s the easiest first step to make.

Then, turn on the automatic Time and date setting. You can do this by selecting settings > system > date and Time. Click on the next button to set Time automatically to activate it.

If it’s already switched on, turn off your phone, then switch it back on.

Manually set the Time. It’s the opposite of the second step. Return to the screen, turn off the automatic setting of Time, and then manually fill in your Time field.

A wrong time zone setting is a frequent issue that can affect Time. Refresh the Date & time screen and ensure the automatic location of time zones is switched on.

On the other hand, there is a chance that the phone may not understand the real-time zone. If that is the case, switch off the auto option and then set your timezone manually using the option Time zone.

Find the Android operating system update and install the update if it’s available. By the OS you’re running, this update could fix the issue.

Keep track of any recent developments that may be related to this issue. Did you download a new application or two? Remove them, at the very least temporarily, to determine whether this is the issue’s root.

Certain reports of the wrong Time is displayed on the Android smartphone have solved through waiting. If it’s an update to the software or a situation out of your control (like the issue of your radio tower or the carrier), Waiting for a solution could be the best option.

It is possible to reset to factory settings for your Android phone. However, this extreme move could not fix the issue, particularly when step 7 is the case. If the problem is, in fact, in the software of your phone–perhaps an app from a third party could be the cause, a complete reset to factory settings could be needed.

Remove the data and reserve Google Services.

After you have removed it from your Google account, you must restore (clear all caches and the data of) different core Google applications before signing in. Go to your device’s settings to finish the procedure.

Open your Settings App on your smartphone.

Click on Apps & Notifications (or Apps)
Select “See all apps” or “Manage apps” if you aren’t able to see your apps already.
In the upper-right-hand corner, click the 3 dots button, then click Show the system.
Find Google Account Manager from the App’s list and start it.
Then, tap Storage & cache.
Select Clear cache, and then click Clear Data.
The same procedure is followed to clean the cache and delete data for Google Play Services, Google Services Framework, Google One Time Init, and Google Play Store.
Don’t fret if you cannot locate these applications you have installed on your device. You can clear the cache and data to find those apps and reboot your device.

What is clockwork?

Clockwork is the term used to describe the inner workings of mechanical devices, referred to as clocks or watches (also known as”the movement) or other devices which function similarly by using an array of gears driven by a spring or weight.

Why is My Phone Showing Incorrect Time?

The Time you see on your Android phone could not be correct. This can happen due to a variety of causes. Resetting your device can solve the problem. If your phone isn’t recognizing an accurate time zone, you can try rebooting your device. Restarting your phone will usually fix the problem. If that doesn’t succeed, try to delete any new apps and wait for it to resolve. The Time displayed on your Android phone could be wrong, and you’ll need to change it manually.

Check first if you’re Android phone is in the right time zone. If not, turn off automatic settings, and switch to set Time manually. If the stage is set to an alternative date and Time, you might miss crucial meetings. To fix this, go into Settings > Date & Time. Date & Time and turn off the option to use network time. Open Date and Time, and manually adjust the Time.


There is a chance that your computer’s clock is incorrect if your server cannot be reached, or due to some reason, it is reporting an untrue Time. Your clock could be off if the setting for the time zone is off. … Many smartphones will automatically set your computer’s time zone and the Time of your device through the phone network.

Keeping in Touch

A network not functioning can be a small issue that goes away quickly. If that’s not the case, you can try these options individually. Perhaps, at the very least, one of them will be able to help you.

Have you experienced network issues in the past? What worked for you? Tell us via the comment section below!

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